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Brandon Oxendine
Name: Brandon Oxendine
Residence: Berlin, Germany
Occupation: Design expert

Brandon Oxendine

If you are tempted by the delicious and colorful menu at The Kickin’ Chicken, a restaurant with multiple locations in South and North Carolina, you can thank Brandon Oxendine ’10 for a sudden poultry craving.

The redesign of the Kickin’ Chicken’s menu and website is one of the projects of which Oxendine is most proud.

“It was a fun project that really is a perfect example of what I love to do,” he said. “It was at its core a branding project, where we redesigned their logo and visual guidelines, but it was also a repositioning of their company, which largely manifested itself in a fun website and some great advertisements. It's also priceless to see your work on every table of a restaurant or as a huge window decal.”

Of course, being a design enthusiast like Oxendine — who embarked on an individual project "A Word a Day," in which he created new fonts throughout the year — it’s always tempting to say your best project is your latest project.

The visual communication major worked as a designer and front-end developer at Google in Mountain View, Calif., armed with supreme skills in the Adobe Creative Suite.

At Google, Oxendine worked hard on Google Profile. The website giant has more than 20 different profiles across all of Google’s entities.

Now, he works in Berlin, Germany, as design director for Fuzzco.

Oxendine’s beginnings are rooted in a simple story.

“I enjoyed art in high school, and I was told graphic design was only one way to be successful in art—not true--so I pursued it,” he explained. “Thankfully I really enjoy it, have achieved a few minor successes and don't regret leaving art behind too often.”

At Winthrop, Oxendine frequently designed informational graphics and illustrations for The Johnsonian, the weekly student newspaper, and eventually gave the paper a design overhaul. He also spent time with a tight-knit community known as the Friday Arts Project.

“Having time to hang out and work together in the studios of McLaurin was priceless for my time at Winthrop,” he said. “There was, and I think always is, a strong sense of camaraderie among the graduating class of visual communication majors. I hope it's that way for everyone.”

After graduation, he started with the Charleston, S.C.,-based design shop Fuzzco. With the desire to tackle a big city, Oxendine talked to a fellow alum and moved to Chicago to work at Designkitchen. He attended the Build Conference in Belfast, a conference geared toward web designers, where he met a Google employee who talked about the company and accepted a job with the company.

Oxendine currently lives in Berlin, Germany, where he works as a freelance designer and artist.

Last updated 6/8/16

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