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Name: Daniel Strokis
Residence: Fort Mill, S.C.


Daniel Strokis' professors describe him as an eager and talented young composer who truly enjoys writing music.

The Fort Mill native is among the first students in a newly forged music composition track in the bachelor of music degree started in fall 2008. Music faculty members Ron Parks and Mark Lewis hoped their composition students would make their presence known in the region.

They did not anticipate that success would materialize so swiftly.

Strokis received national recognition for a recent electroacoustic composition, a first for a Winthrop student composer. Take a listen to Strokis' work.

He recorded the sounds emitted by a pet hedgehog and added some computer processing he learned in a Computer Music Composition course, then re-arranged the material into a musical composition.

The result - titled Atelerix albiventris - is a aural exploration of the sonic qualities, rhythms and emotive qualities of the source material.

Strokis said he chose a hedgehog because it was a friend’s pet and he was fascinated that it could make noises. “I had never heard a hedgehog make noise before,” he said. “I didn't even know they could make noises!"

“Atelerix albiventris” has been selected for presentation on the National Student Electronic Music Event (N_SEME) held March 22-23 at Temple University in Philadelphia. N_SEME is a national peer-reviewed, juried festival featuring the best compositions and paper presentations from student composers nationally.

Strokis traveled to Philadelphia to present his music at the conference. This marked the first time a Winthrop student composer has been selected for inclusion in a national electronic music conference, and the first time a student represented Winthrop University at the national level in an electronic music event.

Last updated: 6/21/13

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