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Majors and More

Winthrop University Undergraduate Degree Program Listing

2019 - 2020

Degree Program Name CIP Concentration
BA Art 500701 General
      K-12 Teacher Certification
BFA Art 500701 Single Discipline
      Dual Discipline
  Interior Design 500408  
  Visual Communication Design 500701 Graphic Design
BA Art History 500703  
BS Athletic Training 510913  
BS Biology 260101 General
      Medical Technology
      Biomedical Research
      Teacher Certification
BS Business Administration 520201 Accounting
      Computer Information Systems
      Health Care Mgt
      Human Resource Mgt
      International Business
BS Chemistry 400501 General (ACS)
      Bio-Chemistry (ACS and non-ACS)
BME Choral Music 131312  
BS Computer Science 110101  
BA Dance 500301 General
      K-12 Teacher Certification
BA Economics 450601  
BS Exercise Science 310505  
BS Early Childhood Education 131210  
BS Elementary Education 131202  
BA English 230101 General
      Teacher Certification
BA Environmental Studies 030103  
BS Environmental Sciences 030104  
BS Family and Consumer Science 131308 Adolescent Studies
      Consumer Studies
      Early Childhood Studies
BA History 540101 General
BS Human Nutrition 190504 Dietetics
      Chronic Disease Prevention (pending CHE approval)
BS Digital Information Design 520208 Digital Commerce
      Digital Mass Media
      Interactive Media
      Web Application Development
BA Individualized Studies 309999  
BME Instrumental Music 131312  
BS Integrated Marketing 090902  
BA Mass Communication 090102  
BA Mathematics 270101 General
      Teacher Certification
BS Mathematics 270101 General
      Teacher Certification
BS Middle Level Education 131203 English/Language Arts & Mathematics, Science or Social Studies
      Mathematics & English/LA, Science or Social Studies
      Science & English/LA, Mathematics or Social Studies
      Social Studies & English, Mathematics or Science
BA Modern Languages 160101 French
      French - K-12 Certification
      Spanish - K-12 Certification
BA Music 500901 General
    500904 Music Technology
BM Music 500901 Performance
BA Philosophy and Religion 389999 Philosophy and Religion
      Religious Studies
BS Physical Education 131314 K-12 Certification
BA Political Science 451001 General
BPS Professional Studies 309999  
BA Psychology 430101  
BA      Social Studies Education 131318 9-12 Certification
BSW Social Work 440701  
BA Sociology 451101 General
      Social Inequalities
BS Sport Management 310504  
BS Special Education 131001 Multi-Categorical with Add-on in Severe Disabilities
BA Theatre 500501 Design and Technical
      K-12 Certification
      Musical Theatre

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