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Majors and More

Political Science Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science provides students with an understanding of politics, law, international relations, government and public administration. Recent graduates have gone to work for local, state, national and international organizations. A large percentage of our graduates go to graduate or law school.

Minor in Political Science

The minor in political science consists of 18 semester hours of PLSC to include

  • PLSC 201 (3) American Government and
  • PLSC 205 (3) International Politics OR PLSC 207 (3) Comparative Politics   

One of the following:

  • PLSC 351 (3) Ancient and Medieval Political Thought 
  • PLSC 352 (3) Modern and Contemporary Political Thought 
  • PLSC 355 (3) Political Ideologies 
  • PLSC 356 (3) American Political Thought 
  • PLSC 551 (3) African American Political Thought 
  • PLSC 553 (3) Feminist Theory 

And 9 additional hours at least 3 of which are numbered above 299. PLSC 350 is recommended.

Pre-Professional Programs

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Last Updated: 7/7/20