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Majors and More

Bachelor of Science in Middle Level Education

This degree is designed for students who wish to teach in middle schools. The curriculum of the degree prepares the middle level educator to teach in a specific content area.  Each student will have a teacher preparation program and may choose from English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, or Social Studies.


Certificate in Middle Level Education

The 12-hour Graduate Professional Certificate in Middle Level Education will allow professional educators to gain pedagogical skills specifically focused on working with middle level students while providing the required add-on courses for middle level certification for those who meet the 15-hour content course and content exam requirements as outlined by the SC. State Department of Education. Additionally, it will provide inservice teachers with the new SCDoE requirement of 3 hours in Content Area Reading & Writing in ML/SEC mandated by the Read to Succeed initiative (effective 2016). The certificate program would be appropriate for K-12, early childhood, elementary, and secondary educators seeking middle level add-on certification. The certificate program will provide students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of effective strategies for working with young adolescents as advocated by the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE).

Required Courses:

  • MLED 600 (3) Philosophy, Organization, and Curriculum of the Middle School
  • MLED 610  (3) Early Adolescence in Contemporary Society
  • MLED 630 (3)  Pedagogy and Assessment in the Middle School
  • READ 645 (3)  Content Area Reading & Writing in ML/SEC


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Last Updated: 7/7/20