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Majors and More

Design Programs

Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Department of Design offers the professional Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design and Visual Communication Design. Students choosing Visual Communication Design may choose between the Graphic Design Track and the Illustration Track.


Minor in Visual Design Studies

The minor in Visual Design Studies consists of 18 hours of VCOM courses, 6 hours of which must be numbered above 299. The courses required for the minor must include

  •  DESF 120 (3) Design Drawing I
  •  DESF 150 (3) Design Studio Skills
  •  VCOM 151 (3) Design Fundamentals
    Plus 9 additional hours to be chosen from:
  • DESF-any
  • VCOM 100-299
  • VCOM 354 (3) Basic Design Applications
  • VCOM 374 (3) History of Graphic Design and Illustration
  • VCOM 388 (3) Graphic Arts Production Practicum

A maximum of 9 hours of the courses described above can be used to counted as both "major" and "minor" requirements; the remaining 9 hours cannot be shared, must not be described as being part of the student's major, and must consist of VCOM coursework beyond, and unique in application to, the minor alone.

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Last Updated: 7/6/20