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Majors and More

Majors and More

Minor in Humanities

The minor in humanities consists of at least 18 semester hours of coursework from designators listed below with qualifications indicated within many designators. Three designators must be represented and at least 6 credit hours must be above 299. Courses counting toward the major(s) may not be counted toward the humanities minor except if the major is FREN, GERM, or SPAN. In these cases, students may count no more than 3 credit hours of appropriate coursework with the designator of their major within their minor. If any of the applicable courses are cross-listed under more than one designator, the course may count toward the minor under any of those designators.

Courses in the minor include:

ARTH courses except ARTH 340, 451, and 454;

ENGL – all courses numbered 200 and above except 303 or 530

PHIL – all courses except 220, 225, and 370



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