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Bachelor of Science - Sport Management

Bachelor of Science in Sport Management 

General Education


Semester Hours

ACAD 101 Principles of the Learning Academy


Shared Skills and Proficiencies
Writing and Critical Thinking    
WRIT 101 Composition


    HMXP 102      Human Experience 3
CRTW 201 Critical Reading, Thinking & Writing


    Oral Communication    
    SPCH 201 Public Speaking 3
    CSCI 101 & 3 from CSCI 101A, B, C or P Intro to Comput & Information Processing 3
    Intensive Writing Met in major with SPMA 390 0
    Constitution Requirement See approved list; may be met with other requirement 0-3
    Physical Activity See approved list; 1*
Thinking Critically Across Disciplines    
Global Perspectives See approved list;


Historical Perspectives See approved list;


Introducing Students to Broad Disciplinary Perspectives


Social Science See approved list; must include 2 designators


    ECON 103 or 215 Intro to Political Economy, Princ of Microeconomics 3
Humanities and Arts See approved list;


Quantitative Skills and Natural Science (3 courses) 9-12
    Quantitative Skills See approved list; (3-8)
Natural Science See approved list; must include a lab science.  [If 2 courses, must be in 2 different
groups:  Life, Physical, or Earth]


Subtotal   47-53
Major Requirements  


MGMT 321 Management and Leadership


SPMA 101 Introduction to Sport Manageme


SPMA 200 Sport Governance and Ethics


    SPMA 240 Sport Facility Mgmt 3
    SPMA 245 Sport Event Mgmt 3
    SPMA 325 Global Perspectives in Sport 3
SPMA 355 Public Relations in Sport Industry


    SPMA 390 Research & Data Analysis in Sport Mgmt 3
SPMA 392 Field Work in Sport Mgmt


SPMA 398 Seminar in Sport Management


    SPMA 410 Sport Finance 3
    SPMA 480 Sport Marketing 3
    SPMA 490 Sales and Promotion in Sport 3
    SPMA 494 Sport Management Portfolio 2
    SPMA 496 Internship in Sport Management 10
SPMA 520 Sport Law


SPMA 525 Sport Security and Risk Management


    SPMA 530 Sports Analytics 3






All applicants into the Sport Management Program must meet the following requirements:

Admission Criteria

  1. 2.5 overall GPA at time of application. Student must maintain 2.5 throughout his or her academic career to complete the degree.
  2. Complete with a “C” or higher: SPMA 101, SPMA 200, 240, 245, WRIT 101, HMXP 102
  3. Completion of 9 cultural events
  4. Completion of a quantitative skills course
  5. Completion of 45 semester hours

Admission Process

The Application for Admission to the Sport Management Program must include the following:

  1. Application Form (available online)
  2. Current resume
  3. One page written statement that includes professional goals, recent accomplishments, and reason for choice of major

Traditional Students:

Each student must submit an Application for Admission to the Sport Management Program to the Coordinator of Sport Management. Applications may be submitted during any of the following submission periods:

  1. October 15th (decision made by November 1st)
  2. March 15th (decision made by April 1st)
  3. July 15th (decision made by August 1st)

Students may apply to the program at any time after earning 45 credits; however, students must apply by the time they have completed 60 credits of coursework. Students will either be: (a) fully admitted; (b) admitted conditionally (pending semester grades); or (c) denied with an opportunity to reapply after completing 15 additional credits of coursework not to include courses in the SPMA degree.

Students who are fully admitted may register for upper level courses in the sport management major without restriction.  Students who are admitted conditionally will undergo a subsequent grade review at the conclusion the next full semester.  A student admitted conditionally will be allowed to take no more than 6 credits of courses in the SPMA degree program during the review semester, not to include SPMA 355.  Students who are denied may not take any sport management courses until receiving either full or conditional acceptance.

All students will receive a letter indicating application result.  This letter will indicate that if at any point a student falls below the required grade point average, he/she will be placed on probation for one semester.  If after the probationary semester, the grade point average is not satisfied, the student will be discontinued from the major for a minimum of one semester.  Re-application will be granted only after the grade point average is raised.  If grade point average falls below the requirement a second time, student will be permanently discontinued.

Transfer Students:

Each student must submit an Application for Admission to the Sport Management Program to the Coordinator of Sport Management. Transfer students entering Winthrop with 54 or more credits must apply for admission during the first application period after their start date; also, in certain circumstances, the Coordinator of Sport Management may review an application in a non-submission period. Submission periods are as follows:

  1. October 15th (decision made by November 1st)
  2. March 15th (decision made by April 1st)
  3. July 15th (decision made by August 1st)

External transfer students may use a GPA from transferring institution to meet the admission criteria. The cultural event requirement is waived for external transfer students. All other transfer students will follow the same process as traditional students.

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