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Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training

Winthrop University offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training. The Winthrop University Athletic Training Program (WU-ATP) is designed to provide the athletic training student with the didactic and clinical experiences necessary to become a certified athletic trainer. The WU-ATP received initial national accreditation in 2004. The WU-ATP is divided into two stages:

Preparation Stage

The student selects Athletic Training as his/her major and enrolls in general education and introductory course work. The Preparation Stage allows the student to explore the athletic training field to ensure that he/she wants to pursue the field.

Clinical Stage

Formal admission into the Clinical Stage is required. The student typically applies for formal admission during the fall semester of the sophomore year.

Admission into the Clinical Stage of the WU-ATP is a competitive process. Completing the application requirements does not guarantee admission into the ATP. The ATP is bound by accreditation standards to maintain strict ratios between athletic training students and clinical instructors and to assure that all athletic training students can meet rigorous technical standards. It is possible that a student might fulfill the application requirements and be denied admission into the WU-ATP.

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Last Updated: 8/1/19