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Psychology Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Psychology majors at Winthrop acquire a broad range of knowledge and skills consistent with both the University's general education goals and the American Psychological Association's Undergraduate Psychology Learning Goals.

Minor in Psychology

The minor in psychology consists of 18 semester hours of PSYC. Psychology minors must take PSYC 101 and at least 6 hours above 299.

Master of Science in School Psychology

The Master of Science in School Psychology Program is primarily designed to prepare practitioners who are competent to provide a full range of school psychological services including consultation, behavioral intervention, psychoeducational assessment, research, program planning/evaluation and counseling. Students are prepared to work with diverse clients from infancy to young adulthood, including those with low-incidence disabilities, and with families, teachers and others in the schools and community. Opportunities for working under close supervision in rural, suburban and urban settings are afforded students in the program. Although some of the School Psychology graduates subsequently pursue doctoral studies, the primary purpose of the program is the preparation of well-rounded professionals for work in public schools and related settings.

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