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Minor in International and Global Studies

The minor in International and Global Studies requires 18 hours of internationally- and/or globally-themed coursework. To ensure that the minor is interdisciplinary, the 18 hours must include at least 3 designators. There may be no more than 6 hours of overlap between the INGS minor and the International Business option of the B.S. in Business Administration. At least 6 hours must be taken at Winthrop, and at least 6 hours must be above 299-level. Additional requirements include foreign language proficiency at the 102 level and the engagement with a foreign culture requirement. The engagement with a foreign culture requirement may be satisfied by study abroad, a travel course abroad, 6 hours foreign language study in the same language above 199-level, or a service learning course with service learning that is relevant to INGS. 

The list of courses counting towards this minor is too extensive to maintain in the catalog and is instead maintained on the International and Global Studies website. Students are warned not to rely on DegreeWorks for this minor because of its difficulty in programming. The Program Director can work with students to ensure Degreeworks reflects an accurate application of courses.