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Majors and More

Economics provides students with an analytical training that is a valuable asset in any career. Many graduates enter the workforce directly and find employment in such diverse areas as banking and finance, management, government service, labor relations, policy research, sports management, consulting, journalism, and marketing. Other students use economics as a foundation for graduate programs in law, business, economics, and policy studies.

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Students who pursue the Bachelor of Arts in Economics will supplement their economics coursework with a minor of their choice and a series of free electives consistent with their interests and career goals.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Economics Option

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is offered with an economics option in the College of Business.  Students who pursue this degree complete a comprehensive set of core business courses in addition to economics courses.

Minor in Economics

The minor in economics consists of 15 semester hours of ECON to include

The additional 9 hours may be selected from any ECON course over 299.  No course may be included in two minors or in a major and a minor.

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Last Updated: 1/9/23