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Bachelor of Science

If you want a challenging but rewarding curriculum taught by an experienced, enthusiastic faculty with diverse backgrounds, the biology major may be for you. Students tailor their programs beyond the major's core curriculum to meet their specific needs, and they receive excellent experiential learning opportunities through undergraduate research and internships. These are important for students going on to graduate programs, health profession programs, and biology-related jobs.  Small classes (averaging 18-24 students in well-equipped labs) ensure that you will be able to take full advantage of interactions with professors.

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Department of Biology


Curriculum & Learning Opportunities

    This concentration studies a wide range of aspects of the biology field.


    This concentration predominantly works in lab researching causes of diseases and/or developing strategies to diagnose, monitor, and treat diseases.


    This concentration focuses on topics related to conservationism in biology.


    This program prepares students for certification in medical technology.


    This program helps students prepare for certification in teaching biology.


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Biology Pride Points

Hear From Our Students & Faculty
Rachel Edlein
Biology Major

“The biology major is ideal for students preparing to enter into a health profession program because it provides a broad background in the natural sciences as well as specific training in essential biological topics related to the medical field.  Students can use the courses required for admission to the health profession programs listed above to fulfill their degree requirements in biology.  This enables students to simultaneously complete degree requirements and pre-requisites for the programs, which is not possible in every major."


Beyond Graduation

Natalie Mseis Jackson

Natalie Mseis Jackson
Biology, Class of 2018
Doctoral Student - University of Notre Dame

“Doing research in Dr. (Matthew) Stern's lab was one of my most memorable experiences at Winthrop.  Conducting research didn't just improve my scientific knowledge, but it also made me feel more confident and taught me how to be patient and gave me the opportunity to make lifetime friends.  The people in Stern's lab are like my second family."
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Students who graduate from our biology programs often go on to pursue master's and doctorate degrees at prestigious universities across the country.

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