Majors and More

The current demand in the U.S. for college graduates with computing degrees is very high, and expected to increase. Winthrop offers two different options for students interested in a computing degree - the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Computer Information Systems option.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The goal of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is to prepare students for careers in software design and implementation and for graduate study in Computer Science.  This is the more technical degree, requiring several science and math courses in addition to computer science courses.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Computer Information Systems Option

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is offered with a Computer Information Systems option in the College of Business.  Students who pursue this degree complete a comprehensive set of core business courses in addition to computer science courses.


Computer Science Minor

The minor in computer science consists of 19 semester hours of CSCI:

  • CSCI 207 (4) Introduction to Computer Science 
  • CSCI 208 (4) Introduction to Computer Science II 
  • CSCI 210 (1) Programming Tools
  • CSCI 271 (3) Algorithm Analysis and Data Structures 

And 6 additional hours of CSCI  numbered above 299. CSCI 101, 151, 327, 329, and 350 may not be used to fulfill the Computer Science minor.

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