Bachelor of Professional Studies

This adult completion program will allow students to finish their degree in two years or less, receive course credit for prior learning experiences, work closely with faculty for personalized course planning, take advantage of hybrid options for the best of online and on-campus courses, and choose from two concentrations: organizational operations or health services.

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General Education


Semester Hours

Shared Skills and Proficiencies
  Writing and Critical Thinking    
WRIT 101 Composition


HMXP 102      Requirement satisfied with major courses PFST 301 and 302 0
CRTW 201 Requirement satisfied with major courses PFST 303


Oral Communication See approved list; (pdf - 306 KB) may be met in major
(pdf - 306 KB)
Technology See approved list; (pdf - 306 KB) may be met in major 0-3
Intensive Writing See approved list (pdf - 306 KB) 3
Constitution Requirement See approved list (pdf - 306 KB); may be met with another requirement 0-3
Physical Activity See approved list (pdf - 306 KB) 1
Thinking Critically Across Disciplines**    
Global Perspectives See approved list (pdf - 306 KB)


Historical Perspectives See approved list (pdf - 306 KB)


Introducing Students to Broad Disciplinary Perspectives


Social Science See approved list (pdf - 306 KB); must include 2 designators; may be partially met in major


Humanities and Arts See approved list; must include 2 designators


Quantitative Skills and Natural Science (3 courses) 9-12
Quantitative Skills See approved list (pdf - 306 KB)may be met in major (3-8)
Natural Science See approved list (pdf - 306 KB); must include one lab science.  If 2 courses taken, must be in two
different groups:  Life, Physical, Earth; may be met in major


Subtotal   34-46
Requirements in Major


PFST 301 Introduction to Professional Studies


PFST 302 Diversity and Collaboration in the Workplace


PFST 303 Applied Critical Thinking


PFST 401 Professional Identity and Leadership Development


PFST 402 Global Environments and Economies


PFST 495 Professional Studies Capstone Seminar 3
Organizational Operations Concentration


ACCT 280 Introduction to Financial Accounting
QMTH 205 Quantitative Methods in Business 3
MGMT 321  Management and Leadership
MKTG 380  Principles of Marketing
Choose 2 courses from the following:     
BADM 250  Legal and Ethical Environment of Business 3
ECON 215  Principles of Microeconomics 
ECON 216  Principles of Macroeconomics 
ENTR 373  Introduction to Entrepreneurship 
MGMT 325  Organizational Theory and Behavior 
MKTG 381  Consumer Behavior 
Choose 2 courses from the following:     
MCOM 205 Intro to Mass Communications
MCOM 341  Advertising Principles 3
MCOM 370  Public Relations Principles
MCOM 412  Ethics & Issues in Mass Communications 
PLSC 321 Public Policy and Policy Analysis 
PSYC 305, 316 Social Psych: Individ & Other People; Industrial & Organizational Psychology
SCWK 306 Working with Multi-Cultural Populations  3
SOCL 314  Race & Ethnic Relations 
SOCL 332 Sociology of Conflict & Conflict Resolution
SOCL 518  Social Organization 
Health Services Concentration   24
HCMT 200 Introduction to Health Care Management 
HCMT 302  Health Care Planning & Marketing  3
HLTH 300 Personal and Community Health 
PSYC 510, SCWK 305, or SOCL 339  Behavior Anal/Behavior Change; Human Behavior in the Social Environ; Soc of Hlth/Illness
 Choose 4 courses from the following. At least 2 designators are required:  
BADM 250 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business  3
GRNT/SCWK300, GRNT/SOCL304 Intro to Gerontology; Death and Grief as Social Processes 
HCMT 300, 303, 492  Hlth Care Mgr, Hlth Care Organ & Legal Environment, HC Economics and Finane 
HDFS 450  Family Stress and Resilience 
HLTH 406, 500, 501, 506, 507   Exercise & Hlth Promotion, Contemp Hlth Prob; Human Sexuality; Women’s Health Issues
MKTG 380 Principles of Marketing
MGMT 321, 325, 365  Mgmt & Lead, Organizational Theory/Behav, Bus Communication & Prof Development
NUTR 221, 370 Human Nutrition; Food & Nutrition in Cult Perspect
PLSC 324   Health Politics and Policy 
PSYC 301, 320, 402, 510, 515  Statistics; Racial, Cultural & Ethnic Influ on Ident Devel; Positive Psychology;Behavior Anal/Behavior Change 3-4 
SCWK 305 Human Behavior in the Social Environment 3
SOCL 316, 319, 339 Soc Res I: Statistics; Study of Population; Soc of Hlth/Illness 3-4
General Electives




***A maximum of 18 credit hours in courses with designators in the College of Business Administration may be applied to a PFST concentration (ACCT, BADM, CSCI, ECON, ENTR, HCMT, MGMT, MKTG, and QMTH).
The student must attain a cumulative grade-point average of 2.00 or better in courses taken at Winthrop and included in the 42 semester hours of the required program.
Within the 120 semester hours required for this degree, the student must include a minimum of 40 semester hours in courses numbered above 299. 

For additional requirements, please visit the Degree Requirements Page.