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Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages Certification as School Teacher (K-12) (French or Spanish Emphasis)

Students desiring Certification as teachers of French or Spanish should consult with the department's teacher certification advisor and the College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences section of the catalog for specific requirements for admission to the Teacher Education Program.

General Education


Semester Hours

ACAD 101 Principles of the Learning Academy


Shared Skills and Proficiencies
Writing and Critical Thinking    
WRIT 101 Composition


    HMXP 102      Human Experience 3
CRTW 201 Critical Reading, Thinking & Writing


    Oral Communication Met in major with MLAN 391 0
    Technology Met in Education Sequence with EDCO 305 0
    Intensive Writing See approved list (pdf - 306 KB); may be met in the major
    Constitution Requirement See approved list (pdf - 306 KB); may be met with another requirement 0-3
    Physical Activity See approved list; (pdf - 306 KB) 1
Thinking Critically Across Disciplines*    
Global Perspectives See approved list (pdf - 306 KB); could be met in major


Historical Perspectives See approved list (pdf - 306 KB)


Introducing Students to Broad Disciplinary Perspectives*


Social Science See approved list (pdf - 306 KB); must include 2 designators; 3 hours met in 
Education Sequence with EDCO 200


Humanities and Arts See approved list; must include 2 designators; could be partially met in major


Quantitative Skills and Natural Science* (3 courses) 9-12
    Quantitative Skills See approved list (pdf - 306 KB) (3-8)
Natural Science See approved list (pdf - 306 KB); must include one lab science.  [If 2 courses taken, must


  be in 2 different groups:  Life, Physical ,Earth]  
Subtotal   29-44
*No more than two courses in the major may count toward requirements in these areas  
Requirement in Major (Select one emphasis from the following.)


French Emphasis:  


FREN 102 or 112 Elementary French II or Accelerated Elementary Fren II


FREN 201, 202 Intermediate French I & II


FREN 300 Topics for Composition and Conversation


Select courses from FREN above 202 (may include MLAN 330A or 530A)


 FREN 499 Proficiency Exam

Spanish Emphasis:  


SPAN 102 or 112 Elementary Spanish II or Accelerated Elementary Spanish II


SPAN 201, 202 Intermediate Spanish I & II


SPAN 250 Intermediate Composition and Conversation


SPAN 310 Advanced Grammar and Composition I


SPAN 385, 421 or 422 Spanish/Hispanic Civ, & Culture


SPAN 395, 401, or 402 Topics in Span Lit, Surv of Hispanic lit, Surv of Span Pen Lit 3
SPAN 499 Proficiency Exam  
Select one course from the following:    
    SPAN 306 Spanish for Business 3
    SPAN 313 Advanced Spanish Conversation 3
    SPAN 351 Phonetics 3
    SPAN 380 Introduction to Translation 3
    SPAN 405 Topics in Adv. Spanish Language 3
    SPAN 410 Advanced Grammar and Composition


Select courses from SPAN above 202, excluding 575; may include MLAN 330B or 530B


Professional Education Sequence  


EDCO 101 Developing Observation and Analysis Skills


EDCO 200 Developmental Sciences and the Context of Poverty


EDCO 201 Literacy and the Eng Lang Learner 2
EDCO 202 Supporting the Exceptional & Gifted Learners in Gen Ed Classroom 2
EDCO 220 Assessment and Diverse Needs


EDCO 305 Technology in the Classroom 2
EDCO 350 Acad and Social Strategies for Establishing Inclusive Classroom Climate 3
EDCO 401 Internship: Contextual Factors


EDCO 402 Internship: Assess and Instruction


EDCO 410 Education in a Democracy


MLAN 390, 393, 591M, 591S  Practicum, Seminar in Modern Lang Ed, Prin of Teaching Modern Lang-Mechanics, Prin Teaching Modern Lang-Skills


READ 346 Content Area Read/Writ 3
General Electives  




**A grade of C or better must be earned and may not be taken for S/U credit except for EDUC 403. Note that field hours will be required for EDCO 200, 201, 202, 305, 351, 401, 402, and 410. EDCO 401 and 402 follow the K-12 public school calendar.

In addition to the requirements for their major, students must meet requirements for the Teacher Education Program, which include the requirements for Admission to Teacher Education, Entry to the Professional Stage, and Program Completion. For information on these requirements, consult the Student Academic Services in the Richard W. Riley College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences.

Passage of the PRAXIS II Series content area examinations is required prior to entry into the professional stage for all candidates in the teacher education program.  For the most current PRAXIS information required for test(s) in your content area, visit the South Carolina Department of Education website.
The student must attain a cumulative grade-point average of 2.75 or better in courses taken at Winthrop and a GPA of 2.0 or better in the 35 hours of the required program. The student must complete a minimum of 12 semester hours in the major in residence at Winthrop University. Within the 124 semester hours required for the BA degree, the student must also include a minimum of 40 semester hours in courses numbered above 299.