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Sport Management

Bachelor of Science

Winthrop University offers an interdisciplinary Sport Management degree with an exciting program that will benefit students with an interest in the ever-growing business of sport. Students enrolled in the program pursue the Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Management. 

At Winthrop University, we offer an exciting program that will benefit students who have an interest in the ever-growing business of sport. The sport industry is estimated to be a $410 billion business in the United States. Charlotte, NC (only minutes north of Winthrop) is home to a number of professional sport teams, including the NFL's Carolina Panthers, the NBA's Charlotte Hornets, the MLS’s Charlotte FC, the MiLB’s Charlotte Knights, and the AHL's Charlotte Checkers. Sport venues in the Charlotte metropolitan region include Bank of America Stadium, Spectrum Center, Knights Stadium, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Bojangles Arena, and Winthrop Coliseum. The undergraduate sport management offers professional preparation in the application of business principles to the sport industry. Students will complete a degree program that include courses in the business aspects of sport in intercollegiate and professional sports, sports analytics, sport law, facility management, event management, sport marketing, and sport finance. 

Curriculum & Learning Opportunities

The SPMA program at Winthrop University emphasizes “experiential learning” in various capacities. For example, various courses (e.g., sports analytics, sports marketing, sales and promotion in sports, sport event management, etc.) partner with sport organizations in the region and create projects that can enhance on-hands experience. All students will have opportunities to apply their classroom learning to the real-life situation. Students are also required to complete field experience (120 hrs. of internship experience) and internship (480 hrs. of internship). In addition, students will have enough elective hours to add a minor, such as esports, legal studies, marketing, business administration, digital information design, coaching, etc.

Also, there are many extracurricular activities that our students can be engaged in. For example, volunteering at various sporting events (e.g., Carolina Panthers game day operations, Rock Hill sport and event center, Winthrop University athletic department), participating in study abroad trips, competing at undergraduate research competition at Winthrop University, and case study competition at national conference, engage in sport management association (student organization), and networking opportunities. Lastly, our faculty members are assigned as advisor to each student, where we build relationships with all of our students until they graduate. Faculty members always support and guide students to be successful with their college life and build strong resume to be successful after graduation.


    Bachelor of Science - Sport Management

    General Education       
      Semester Hours
    ACAD 101 Principles of the Learning Academy         1
    Shared Skills and Proficiencies  
    Writing and Critical Thinking  
    WRIT 101 Composition 3
    HMXP 102 Human Experience 3
    CRTW 201

    Critical Reading


    Oral Communication
    SPCH 201

    Public Speaking


    CSCI 101 & 3 from CSCI 101A, B, C, F   
    Intro to Comput & Information Processing and Labs


    Intensive Writing

    Met in major with SPMA 390


    Constitution Requirement

    See approved list; may be met with other requirement    


    Physical Activity

    See approved list


    Thinking Critically Across Disciplines    
    Global Perspectives

    Met in major with SPMA 325


    Historical Perspectives

    See approved list


    Introducing Students to Broad Disciplinary Perspectives
    Social Science

    See approved list; must include 2 designators


         ECON 103 or 215

    Intro to Political Economy, Princ of Microeconomics


    Humananities and Arts
    See approved list


    Quantitative Skills and Natural Science

    (3 courses)


    Quantitative Skills

    See approved list


    Natural Science

    See approved list; must include a lab science


    Subtotal   41-47
    Major Requirements    
    MGMT 321 Management and Leadership 3
    SPMA 101 Introduction to Sport Management 3
    SPMA 200 Sport Governanmce and Ethics 3
    SPMA 240 Sport Facility Mgmt 3
    SPMA 245 Sport Event Mgmt 3
    SPMA 325 Global Perspectives in Sport 3
    SPMA 355 Public Relations in Sports Industry 3
    SPMA 390 Research & Data Analysis in Sport Mgmt 3
    SPMA 392 Field Work in Sport Mgmt 3
    SPMA 398 Seminar in Sport Management 1
    SPMA 410 Sport Finance 3
    SPMA 480 Sport Marketing 3
    SPMA 490 Sales and Promotion in Sport 3
    SPMA 494 Sport Management Portfolio 2
    SPMA 496 Internship in Sport Management 10
    SPMA 520 Sport Law 3
    SPMA 525 Sport Security and Risk Management 3
    SPMA 530 Sports Analytics 3
    Electives   15-21
    Total   120

    Sport Management Admission Criteria:

    Students must earn a 2.5 GPA at the completion of 45 semester hours in order to be eligible to take any 300 or above level courses from the Department of Physical Education, Sport and Human Performance. Students are also required to maintain a 2.5 G.P.A. throughout the remainder of their academic career in order to remain an SPMA major.

    Graduation Criteria:

    1.  Minimum of 2.5 GPA
    2.  Completion of all internship required hours and supporting documents (SPMA 494/496).


    For additional degree requirements, please visit the Degree Requirements page.


Bachelor of Science in Sport Management - Curriculum

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Hear From Our Students & Faculty

Linden Beasley
Sport Management Major

“My experience with having sport management as my major has been AMAZING! I truly feel that the professors set you up for success for the future. I am truly happy that I decided to go with this major. I see my advisor as a great mentor when asking advice on future career opportunities. I would recommend anyone that is interested in sports to major in sport management. My passion for sports has truly blossomed and I am very excited to have a career in this field. My plan for the future is to continue my education and receive my master at Winthrop in Sports and Fitness Administration. Afterwards, I plan to franchise different gym organizations throughout the east coast."

Tobi Durojaiye
Sport Management Major

“I chose Winthrop University because it was the closest college to me that offered a good sports management program. Overall, my experience at Winthrop University has been good, I’ve had great professors and an environment conducive for learning. My plan for the future is to learn more about analytics and software development in the sports industry.” 

Beyond Graduation

Sport management positions carry a variety of job titles in professional sports, intercollegiate sports, community sports, etc. They are program directors in marketing and promotions director, corporate sales director, director of ticketing and finance, sports agent, sport information director, athletic director, compliance director, athletic business manager, program director in community sport programs, facility coordinator, and fitness manager. 

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