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Social Studies Education

Bachelor of Arts

The Social Studies Education program prepares students for rewarding careers teaching social studies at the high school level. Through content courses and social studies teaching methods courses, students are prepared to teach history, government, economics, geography, psychology, and/or sociology. Like all teacher certification programs at Winthrop, students have numerous field experiences in area schools throughout their degree program.  For the very best students, an option to complete an additional MAT degree in just one year is available. 

Curriculum & Learning Opportunities

Winthrop offers three options for certification in social studies education. Be sure to discuss
these options with your advisor.

B.A. in Social Studies Education This is a undergrauate degree that includes a core of socal studies content courses, a core of education courses, and a concentration of eighteen additional hours in history, political science, economics, psychology, or anthropology/sociology. Program completers are certified social studies teachers.

MAT- Accelerated This is a one-year Master of Arts in Teaching program designed for Winthrop graduates in social studies related fields who have a minor in Educational Studies.  Students must officially declare the intent to participate in this option within one year of graduating from Winthrop.  Classes in the MAT program start in the summer immediately following the spring undergraduate graduation and continue through the next academic year.  Program completers are certified social studies teachers only after completing the MAT

Pathways to MAT-Accelerated: Students planning to seek certification through the one year
MAT should consider majoring in Indivdualized Studies. This program allows them to meet the content course pre-requisities for admissions while also delving into two of the social studies content areas through upper level courses.

Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies Education - Curriculum


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