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Philosophy and Religion

Bachelor of Arts

Majors choose between Philosophy and Religion tracks for more focused study. In Philosophy, you dive deep into the fundamental nature of human existence and the world beyond: morality, truth, beauty, reality - our most profound questions and their mind-bending answers! In Religious Studies, you explore humanity's richly varied articulations of God, its sacred texts, its religious practices - it's mysterium tremens! Can't decide? Do both in our combined track!


Curriculum & Learning Opportunities

Our program features small class sizes and the close attention of an expert, dedicated faculty. We feature expertise in the world's major religious traditions including Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism. We also feature a pre-seminary program for those interested in a career in ministry. Philosophically, we specialize in applied ethics, the philosophy of law, social and political philosophy, environmental and business ethics, the philosophy of religion, existentialism, and Continental philosophy!

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Hear From Our Students & Faculty


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Beyond Graduation

Philosophy and Religion, Class of xxxx

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Our graduates have gone on to prestigious law schools, graduate schools, have entered ministry. Our graduates are in business, teaching - we have produced a chef and even a real professional wrestler. This is a program in which you can prepare yourself for life!

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