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Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts

The Mathematics degree programs offer students the opportunity to study logic, symmetry, and order through curricula taught by experienced and enthusiastic faculty. Those who major in math at Winthrop learn to formalize patterns, present logical conclusions succinctly, and apply their quantitative knowledge in a variety of settings. The Department of Mathematics offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees, each with teacher certification options. This flexibility allows students to tailor their educational experience to a variety of post-graduation options, including secondary education, graduate studies, and nonacademic careers. Students have the opportunity to further explore advanced mathematical theory through undergraduate research and internships. Classes for majors are usually small, and majors can expect to interact personally with faculty members and peers.


Curriculum & Learning Opportunities

The community, camaraderie, and extracurricular experiences truly set Winthrop’s mathematics program apart from others. Students have ample opportunities to explore mathematics outside the classroom, including attending and presenting at regional and national mathematics conferences, participating in undergraduate research, and serving the community through outreach. We have two student organizations and hold multiple events throughout the academic year so students feel at home in the department from day one. We also have a rigorous undergraduate research program; our students work on original, open math problems, present their work at conferences, and submit papers to academic journals.

Capstone projects, undergraduate research (graph theory, abstract algebra, differential equations, sports analytics, mathematical modeling, statistics), internships, tutoring for Academic Success Center, tutoring for Mathematics Tutorial Center, helping with summer camps and mathematical outreach programs for K-12 students # of students who participate: Capstone projects – every math major who is not pursuing certification must complete a capstone project; undergraduate research – about 5 students each year; internships – about 1 every other year; tutoring – about 5 students each year; outreach – about 10 students each year


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Beyond Graduation

Mathematics, Class of xxxx

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Master of Arts in Teaching at Winthrop University (roughly 3 students per year) Masters in mathematics at Wake Forest University (4), University of North Carolina Greensboro (1), University of Utah (1), Valparaiso University (1), University of Miami Ohio (1), College of Charleston (1), Ball State University (1), University of Colorado Boulder (1) Masters in statistics at North Carolina State University (2) Masters in Computational Linguistics at Brandeis University (1) Master in Computer Science at Clemson University (1) PhD in Mathematics at North Carolina State University (1), Florida State University (1), University of North Carolina Greensboro (1), University of Tennessee Knoxville (1), Emory University (1) PhD in Bioinformatics at University of Georgia (1)

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