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Individualized Studies

Bachelor of Arts

The B.A. in individualized studies is a relatively new program that allows high achieving students to create their own major.  Working closely with a team of faculty advisors, students can design a rigorous academic program that draws on the foundations of multiple disciplines that have not been traditionally paired. All individualized studies students learn to approach topics and solve problems using interdisciplinary methods, which prepares them well for today’s complex society.  

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Individualized Studies Pride Points

Curriculum & Learning Opportunities

In 2018, Winthrop University introduced the first annual Interdisciplinary Conference to the campus and surrounding community. The conference focuses on growth, consumption, environmental impacts, art, politics, marketing, history, economics and more, and allows for collaboration from all disciplines. In 2019, the conference focused on the world of food, featuring 28 different sessions and hosted by professionals from more than 25 universities, companies and organizations. The conference is open to faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, activists and community professionals from around the Carolinas and the world.



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Beyond Graduation

Savannah Hollis
Individualized Studies, Class of 2019

“I can combine different areas that I am interested in.  I'm learning how to work in an interdisciplinary way, and that is how the real world works.  I feel that I'll be better prepared for the job market." 


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