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Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)

Bachelor of Science

The integrated marketing communication major at Winthrop blends study of marketing, advertising, public relations and digital communication, reflecting industry trends in promotional integration. To replicate real-world problem solving, knowledge of key concepts is balanced with applied projects and internship experiences. We’ve added a required professional development course to help students prepare for jobs with e-portfolios, mock interviews, resume and cover letter reviews. By the time they graduate, Winthrop’s IMC majors are highly marketable with more career options than traditional advertising or public relations programs.

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IMC Pride Points

Curriculum & Learning Opportunities

Having real-world experiences in a college setting not only looks great on a resume, but can go a long way in the workforce. Students in the Public Relations Principles class have the opportunity to plan the Mass Communication Recognition Dinner every year from start to finish. Students have the opportunity to raise money, create a theme, execute a PR campaign and produce every aspect of the evening. The college-setting allows for students to learn what works in the IMC world, try out creative strategies and learn from mistakes in a constructive and academic environment.



Hear From Our Students & Faculty


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Beyond Graduation

Nicholas Oxendine
IMC, Class of 2019

“IMC is a major that isn't rooted in what was and what has worked, but instead looks to understand ways in which we can improve based on the past and new ideas." 


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