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Bachelor of Arts

The Winthrop History Department offers two programs of study, an undergraduate BA and a graduate MA. Both programs have a long and storied history at Winthrop, each well over a century old, and each writing their own chapter in the historical narrative while advancing from pen and paper and manual typewriters to the current age of eBooks, 3D printing, and digital archives. The programs offer students opportunities to explore everything from Medieval Africa and Islam to Pirates in Asian waters and from the History of College Football to Black Women in America. Winthrop history students will learn the historians craft and apply that craft in a senior or graduate seminar that usually results in a student’s first publication. In fact, we have a number of student-authored books that originated in our programs. Our Career Coaching and Connections program will assist students in preparation for the “next step” after college.


Curriculum & Learning Opportunities

Without question, the characteristic that makes the History Department at Winthrop special is “community.”  The professors honestly get to know their students, whether it is an upper-level seminar or a History of World Civilizations class.  Professors are also there for the students.  We pride ourselves on The History Hall, a concept of maintaining common space and open doors where faculty and students can interact casually as well as professionally. We have an undergraduate reading room that is space for students to hang out, converse, play chess, and print papers with the reading room computer. We also have alcoves with a “free-to-good-home” book shelf that is routinely replenished and one that is adjacent to the digital and oral history labs. Students will find those labs refreshed with new toys every year. Graduate students also have their shared lounge with the faculty, a place for coffee and conversation.  On The Hall students get to know each other and their professors, can apply for generous scholarships and awards, engage in a Phi Alpha Theta meeting in the new conference room, or join the Social Studies & History Club and sport the latest T-shirt across campus. This year’s edition: Historians: We’d find you more interesting if you were dead.  Nothing says community like food: The chair will occasionally send out an alert that there is “Pizza on Three,” meaning pie has been delivered to the third floor. We truly are a community of historians and historians in training. Come see for yourself.  

Bachelor of Arts in History - Curriculum

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Hear From Our Students & Faculty


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Beyond Graduation

History, Class of xxxx

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A lot of people assume a degree in history leads to the high school classroom. While it is true that we train a lot of history teachers, you might be surprised at the high percentage of our students who love history and exploring the past who never looked back at the high school classroom after graduation. Winthrop history alumni enjoy careers as lawyers, political leaders, archivists, museum directors, writers, business leaders, journalists, marketing associates, advertising, accounting, insurance analysists, producers, CEOs, security specialists  … you get the message … the skills mastered in a history major open unlimited career possibilities! 

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