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Bachelor of Arts

The English program at Winthrop is unique in the state of South Carolina – and also fairly unique in the country – because it focuses on English studies. The curriculum is designed to have a blended focus on literature, creative writing and professional writing, so students do not have to choose “tracks” like they do at other schools. Students exit the program as excellent writers and readers with diverse skills, rather than as specialists in only one area. This focus on gaining multiple skills opens up more job possibilities for graduates.  It also makes the program more fun, as students get to take many types of literature and writing classes during their college career.

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Curriculum & Learning Opportunities

Students majoring in English at Winthrop University have the opportunity to apply for the Geraldine Trammell Hurley Fellowship for Study and Travel. As Hurley fellows, students have the opportunity to study abroad at international institutions or take part in an independent research project abroad. This opportunity abroad gives students a global perspective on all thing’s literature. Up to four students are chosen each year to participate, and are awarded financial support for their studies and travel abroad.


English Pride Points


Hear From Our Students & Faculty

Javy Gwaltney
English, Class of 2011

“I owe Winthrop University's English Department my whole career for getting me fired up about literature and its amazing professor for helping me develop the essential tools I needed to become the writer I needed to be." 


Curriculum & Learning Opportunities

If you approach your career with a defensive question like "What can I do with an English major?," you may be limiting your choices. Better questions are: "What skills, talents, insights, and abilities do I have?" and "What kinds of jobs do they suggest?" In today's employment market, when job titles and responsibilities shift so constantly, English majors have an advantage. This is because they are used to analyzing situations critically and communicating the results of their scrutiny effectively. The Winthrop Center for Career Development and Internships can help with exploring majors and translating your skills into a career.

English Majors at Work

The obvious career choices for English majors may seem to be teaching, becoming a writer, or attending law or graduate school, but graduates excel in many other areas due to their various valuable skills, including:

  • Critical thinking
  • Technical, professional, rhetorical, and creative writing
  • Analyzing complex material
  • Researching
  • Editing
  • Effective oral and written communication
  • Problem solving
  • Creative innovation
  • Cultural awareness
  • Ethical judgment

 The professional fields that English majors typically enter—including corporate communications, technical writing, and content editing—are projected to grow at a faster-than-average pace through 2026.

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