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Educational Studies

Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in educational Studies is a degree with multiple concentrations from which degree candidates can choose, including concentrations in early childhood, elementary, middle level, physical, and special education.  While this degree does not provide an opportunity for teacher certification, it could be a pathway to the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree for students who eventually want to teach can earn certification at the graduate level.  Additionally, the Educational Studies major provided a flexible pathway for students interested in educational settings that do not require teacher certification, such as community programs and museums.

Curriculum & Learning Opportunities

The Educational Studies degree offers a great deal of flexibility in coursework.  All students take a set of core classes relative to working with children and communities and they can select one or more concentrations.  For example, if you are unsure if you want to work with young or secondary school-aged children, you can choose a concentration in Elementary Education and Middle Level Education Science and Middle Level Education Social Studies.  In addition to these course requirements, students can easily add a minor or take various electives of interest.  This degree is a great choice for students that want real-world experience, for at least two courses have field-based experience.  It is also a great choice for students that are considering a career in education but are not certain about teaching K-12.

Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies- Curriculum


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Hear From Our Students & Faculty



Educational Studies Courtney Holcomb

Courtney Holcomb
Educational Studies, Class of 2021

“I chose Winthrop because it has the best teaching program in South Carolina. Winthrop is also very close to my parents’ house. My mom did not want me to go to college too far away. My experience with my major in Educational Studies has been wonderful. It saved me money on having to pay for the Praxis core test. It allows me to bypass retaking physics. I highly recommend this major to others who are considering this major. I wish I was told about this major soon. This major is allowing me to graduate early and with a minor in Human Development and Families Studies. This major has more benefits for my personal life. My plan after graduation is to get my Masters in Elementary Education and start my career as a teacher! I plan on going to Law School and becoming a criminal lawyer too!"


Ellery McNeil

Ellery McNeil
Educational Studies, Class of 2022

"I chose Winthrop because of the amazing educational programs offered at the university, and the beautiful campus plus all of the other offerings Winthrop provides such as clubs, intramurals, and Greek life. I have really enjoyed the program, It has given me a way to achieve what I want to study, in a way that is really flexible for my double major and will set me up for success in the future and Graduate level study. I plan to attend graduate school here at Winthrop and get a degree in special education, as well as a middle level and secondary add on for science. I want to teach in a public school in the state. Just be ready to learn, and accept all of the information you will be presented with. The professors and staff are super knowledgeable, and helpful."


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