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Business Administration

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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    By studying Accounting, students acquire the essential technical abilities and critical thinking skills required to be a leader in communicating the language of business. The accounting profession plays a vital role in running a business because it tracks all cash flows within an organization. Accountants ensure businesses meet all regulatory requirements to avoid financial penalties. They create and maintain all financial information that are used in all business decisions. The Winthrop Accounting program flourishes in a small class environment where professors are dedicated to classroom excellence in guiding students through the program to provide a foundation for careers in accounting. The undergraduate degree is the first phase of an integrated program leading to an MBA with an accounting emphasis for those students who desire to pursue an MBA and become a Certified Public Accountant.


    Computer Science is the study of how to efficiently develop software that successfully solves customers' computing problems. It includes learning to write software, analyze algorithms, understand computer hardware, use databases, work with a variety of operating systems, design computer networks, and secure systems and data. The BS in Computer Science degree program at Winthrop focuses on hands-on problem solving and working in small teams. The program is accredited by ABET, the premier accreditor of engineering and technology degree programs. There are many opportunities for students to grow an excellent resume before graduation, including two student computing clubs, participation in regional and local competitions, conducting individual research projects with faculty, and paid internships and part-time jobs. Graduates earn careers with excellent starting salaries.


    Economists work at the forefront of many vital current issues: how to combat poverty and unemployment, how to provide adequate health care, how to protect the environment, even how to reduce crime, reform education, and fight terrorism. Economics is more than a body of knowledge; it is a way of thinking. As a vice president of a mult-ibillion dollar corporation once put it: "Economics teaches us to confront problems, to size them up and to wrestle with creative solutions. And that is what firms hire you to do."


    A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship will equip our diverse student population with the skills and confidence to start businesses and lead companies. Our unique program prepares students for careers as autonomous entrepreneurs who are innovative, imaginative, and creative.

    Innovative by taking existing systems and ideas and improving them; imagination to see what does not exist, and creativity to execute ideas and make them real.

    The Entrepreneurship program is designed to help students think outside the box, take their entrepreneurial ideas, and transform them into opportunities. 


    Finance is one of the more popular options within the College of Business Administration at Winthrop University.  We offer knowledgeable professors who teach the practical applications of finance concepts in addition to providing a theoretical foundation.  Students also have an opportunity to gain practical experience via internships.  In a number of cases, a student internship has led to a full-time position following graduation. 

    Finance is a part of the Department of Accounting, Finance, and Economics.  Two distinct tracks are offered within the Finance Option.  These are:


    The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Healthcare Management concentration prepares graduates to plan, coordinate and lead health services in:

    • Medical and dental practices,
    • Hospitals and health systems,
    • Nursing homes,
    • Home health agencies,
    • Insurance companies,
    • Medical device and pharmaceuticals sales
    • Medical consulting,
    • Government agencies,
    • Hospice


    Human Resource Management is one of the options available to students majoring in Business Administration.  The first two years of the program concentrate on liberal arts courses as well as computer science, economics, accounting and statistics.  The final two years focus on a strong business core of subjects including marketing, operations management, finance and communications.  Human Resource Management students also take specialized classes to learn more about the HR field.  Coursework focuses on talent management, recruitment, development, compensation, and organizational behavior.


    The international business concentration complements the technical skills learned in the core management curriculum and provides students with the necessary analytical and problem-solving skills needed to pursue careers in firms engaged in operations, marketing or sourcing abroad. The international management, economics, marketing and finance courses in the curriculum are taught by a diverse faculty with extensive personal and professional international experience, and who love to share their knowledge and understanding of how differences in culture and institutions make doing business across borders so challenging and exciting. The program unique offering does not stop in the classroom: an international field experience is a core component, and most students will either spend a life-changing semester abroad at one of Winthrop University’s many partner institutions, or take part in a short faculty-led study abroad course.


    Management is both a science and a craft. This concentration invites those with a passion for leadership, strategic planning, organizing and working with people in team situations. Elective include areas such as international management, human resource management, and entrepreneurship. Professors in this area are known for their passion and individualized approach to teaching. Several faculty member have earned awards and national recognition for their teaching and research efforts.

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    Marketing involves the exciting, dynamic process of matching buyers' needs and wants with a firm's present or future market offerings. Marketing's functions involve the development, pricing, promotion, and distribution of goods or services for profit and nonprofit organizations. Marketing's major goal is to satisfy customers' and organizations' goals while creating higher standards of living for society. Students will learn practical concepts and applications from an integrated, ethical, and quality-oriented business perspective.

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