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Applied Software Development

Bachelor of Science

Some South Carolinians choose to begin their career in software development by earning a two-year degree in programming from one of the state's technical colleges.  That degree qualifies graduates for entry-level programming jobs at many companies around the state.  But some positions request a higher level of training, particularly occupations leading to management positions.  Thus, some students wish to earn a four-year software development degree soon after completing their two-year programming degree. Also, four-year degree holders have a higher average salary.

Winthrop University's Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Software Development (ASWD) degree is intended for students that have completed their Associate in Applied Science in Computer Technology - Programming Specialization (AAS.CPT.PROG) at a South Carolina technical college.  ASWD students should be able to finish their degree at Winthrop in two years - two fall semesters and two spring semesters.

Admissions Criterua

Acceptance into the ASWD program is limited to students that have completed the AAS.CPT.PROG degree from a South Carolina technical college.  Additional admissions criteria can be found on Winthrop's Transfer Information web page.

Curriculum & Learning Opportunities

Almost all of the courses required for the AAS Programming degree will count directly toward the requirements of the ASWD degree.  The following table is a sample set of courses taken by a possible AAS Programming student, and how those courses would transfer to Winthrop.  Note that this is a sample.  The degree requirements for the ASWD degree might change slightly.  Also, the AAS Programming degree requirements might also change, and can vary slightly between SC technical colleges.  York Tech's curriculum is used in this example. 

Bachelor of Science in Applied Software Development - Curriculum

                 Tech College           Winthrop Equivalent           Credit Hours                    Application to ASWD                  
                   COL 101              ACD 101              1                 GenEd Foundation
                   ENG 101               WRIT 101              3                  GenEd Foundation
                   ENG 160             WRIT 199              3                 needed for HXCT 301
                   HSS 205             GSTC 299              3                 general elective
                  SPC 205             SPCH 205              3                 general elective
                 MAT 110            MATH 151              3                 prereq for MATH 105
                 MAT 165            MATH 165              3                 quant reasoning requirement
                 ECO 210            ECON 216              3                 social science

    The following is a sample course plan to complete courses at Winthrop

    First Fall

    • HXCT 301 Human Exp & Critical Thinking   3
    • MATH 261 Discrete Math  3
    • CSCI 466 Networking  3
    • Humanity  3
    • Social Science  3

       15 Hours

    First Spring

    • Physical Education  1
    • MATH 105 Applied Calculus   3
    • CSCI 311 Computer Architecture  4
    • CSCI 365 Information Security  3
    • CSCI elective  3

    14 Hours

    Second Fall

    • Lab Science  4
    • Humanity  3
    • Historical Perspective  3
    • CSCI elective  3
    • CSCI 475 Sw Eng 1  3

    16 Hours

    Second Spring

    •  Global Perspecitve 3
    • CSCI elective  3
    • CSCI 327 Social Implications  3
    • CSCI 411 Operating Systems  3
    • CSCI 476 SW Eng II

    15 hours

    ASWD students select at least three upper-division CSCI elective courses.  Possible electives include:

    • CSCI 440 Computer Graphics
    • CSCI 441 Web Application Design
    • CSCI 451 Mobile App Development
    • CSCI 460 Machine Learning
    • CSCI 477 Software Project Management
    • CSCI 491 Internship in Computer Science
    • CSCI 570 Parallel Computing 

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