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EPMS Process

  • We strongly encourage employees to use the Mozilla Firefox browser when completing performance appraisals
  • The first time you access the EPMS page this year from your PC, press CTRL + F5 to refresh the code used for this new version
  • Status Bar/Action Buttons - Use the action buttons on the yellow status bar to save and submit changes. These steps need to be completed without errors from left to right.
  • All employees involved in the review process will sign the form electronically within Wingspan.  If you have an employee who has not been set up with a WIN account, please have them contact the IT Office immediately. 
    • Performance Reviews require electronic signatures from the Rating Supervisor, the Reviewing Officer, and the Employee.
    • Planning Stage Documents require electronic signatures from the Rating Supervisor and the Employee only.
    • The employee and reviewer may also add any comments in section 1C.
    • Signatures are automatically added when selecting the "Acknowledge" or "Review" button within the EPMS document.
    • Email notification will automatically be sent to the next person required to sign the document.
  • EPMS page status - At the top of the EPMS page, you can select to see all documents for your employees or only those with "Attention Needed" at this time.
  • The flow remains the same for Reviews:
    • Supervisor creates/updates the Review document.  [The Supervisor should also prepare a Planning Stage Document for the next year.]
    • Supervisor completes all three buttons in order: Save, Validate, then Review.  The "Review" button will move the document to the Reviewing Officer's queue.  The supervisor will not be able to do anything else with it until it is acknowledged by the Reviewing Officer.
    • Reviewing Officer looks at Review document (with the Edit option) then completes both buttons in order:  Save and Acknowledge.  The "Acknowledge" button will sign the document and return it to the Supervisor. If the Reviewing Officer would like any changes made to the document they should contact the Supervisor before returning it.  The Reviewer may also add comments in Section 1C.
    • Supervisor adds changes as needed, prints the document, completes the one-on-one meeting with the employee.
    • The Supervisor can make the document visible to the Employee at any time by selecting the "Emp View" checkbox within the EPMS list view, otherwise the Employee will not be able to see it until the Supervisor has finalized it.
    • Supervisor then makes any additional changes to the document and completes all three buttons in order:  Save, Validate, and Finalize.  At this point, the supervisor's signature will be added to the form and no additional changes can be made.  The document will move to the Employee's queue for a signature.
    • Employee looks at Review document (with the Edit option) then adds a comment if desired, and finishes the approval by selecting both buttons in order:  Save and Acknowledge.


    Process Flow Diagram

    Employee eSign Instructions (pdf 82kb)

    Printable Steps

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