Recent 2020-2021 Performance Notice Information

Recent 2020-2021 Performance Notice Information

Use some of the quarantine time to look ahead to June 30 and into 2021 for staff evaluations. HR has launched the Annual Staff Review 2020-2021 program that allows supervisors a location to create the plan on a staff member for performance from April 1, 2020-March 31, 2021


With the last minute extension of the March 31 deadline for annual staff performance reviews to June 30, some of you have finished the 2020 evaluations and others still have to complete those normally due March 31.  June 30, 2020 is the deadline for both the 2020 staff performance review and for creation of the plan for 2020-21.

  • Creating a forward looking plan will now be a separate action item for each employee when a supervisor logs into the “Winthrop University Employee Portal” within the HR online platform .  
  • We encourage all supervisors, both those who completed annual review for 2020 previously and those with such reviews still pending to utilize this new Annual Staff Review 2020-2021 program to promptly set up a plan and use that proposed plan as a communication tool to reach common understandings with the staff member as to performance expectations for the upcoming year. 
  • An employee’s acknowledgement of the plan will be mandatory for 2020-21 in order for a supervisor to complete an evaluation for March 2021.
  • The forms for 2020-2021 are part of a different “program” from the Annual Staff Review 3-31-20 where the 2020 Supervisor Review is to be completed and the plan had to be added for 2019-20 that we focused on in prior training sessions.  So when using the tabs to the left and “Overview” screen it will only show the forms for one program at a time.
  • As with the 2019-20 plan, in the HR Performance Management portal you will have the job functions, success criteria and percentage of the job for each function pre-populated in the 2020-21 plan from the most current position description as read only fields. 
    • Any changes to those areas requires submitting a request to modify the position description in the Position Management module. For more information on revising a position description view or contact Scott Hoffmann (hoffmanns@winthrop.eduThe fields in the plan that allow a supervisor’s input are current year focus, the selection of performance characteristics, expectations as to these characteristics and goals. Only the selection of performance characteristics is mandatory.  All the other available fields are optional. 
    • Any employee hired between April 2019 and the current month should have a form available for creation of a future plan (under the applicable program – probationary, short year or trial).

In review, all supervisors of staff are to complete by June 30, 2020 a performance plan for 2020-21 and any pending annual 2020 performance reviews.

If you have any questions or issues when working with the performance management module or the position management module contact or

Last Updated: 1/13/21