Winthrop University: Human Resources - Student Supervisor Checklist

Student Supervisor Checklist


  • Know how to access Payroll Calendar and understand what the dates mean
    • Most pay periods go from 1st-15th and 16th — 31st. However, to accommodate break periods, those dates may change. Continue to refer to the calendar for updates.
    • You will also receive an automated email reminder if there are time sheets awaiting your approval, as soon as the student's submission deadline has passed. Also, if time allows, payroll will send a second reminder in the afternoon.
  • Know how to access time sheets and leave reports for approval purposes
    • Wingspan link
    • On the HOME tab, in the center column labeled "Channels", choose the link labeled "Time or Leave Approval". See instructions for more details.
    • As a supervisor, you are responsible for the accuracy of the time sheets/leave reports of your employees. If you find a mistake or discrepancy and time allows, please return it to the employee for correction. If you make a change to the time sheet, remember to enter a note of what you did in the Comment area. Lastly, try not to approve a time sheet until the period has ended. For example, if the student expected to work 1-5 every week day and entered it in advance (which you should also discourage), then if you approve it before the deadline you are acknowledging that the employee worked on days that haven't happened yet.
    • In the event you are unable to approve your employees' time sheets, you should have a backup person prepared to handle this on your behalf and act as your proxy. Within the Time or Leave Approval section you will see the "Proxy Setup" option only if you are a supervisor/approver. To set up a proxy or approve time sheets as a proxy, follow these instructions. Also, be sure to turn your email "Out of Office" reply on so that the Payroll Office can reroute issues while you are out.
  • Understand timekeeping rules and guidelines (law)
    • Report "ACTUAL" dates and hours on time sheets. Never allow hours to be entered on the wrong day, if it is too late for that payroll use the Payroll Adjustment Form, or contact the payroll office if you have questions. The Department of Labor requires that employees are paid according to the employer's payroll schedule for hours in which they work. Employers who do not compensate their employees in a timely fashion may be subject to fines for each pay period in which the employee should have been paid. It is extremely important that student payment agreements and other paperwork are completed in a timely manner to avoid such penalties.
    • Overtime — any hours in excess of 40 per work week (Sunday — Saturday) will be paid at the rate of time and one half.
    • Maximum hours per week restrictions (20 hrs/wk during academic year and 40 hrs/wk in the summer). When hiring, ask the student about other positions he or she may have to aid you in scheduling and keeping within the limitations.
    • Use of Payroll Adjustment Form. This is an exception and is to be used as a tool to pay an employee after the fact. If hiring paperwork is completed too late for the employee to use the wingspan time sheet, the employee can only be paid via this form. All signatures are required. Forward completed form to the Payroll office.
    • Duplicate hours — you will receive notification from the Payroll Office if you have a student that has reported hours for the same time on two or more positions. It is your responsibility to work with the student to correct the disparity.
    • Holidays - Be prepared to receive notification from the Payroll Office if your students reported hours worked on an official Winthrop holiday, to verify that they did in fact work.
    • "Shift" numbers - on time sheets, only SHIFT 1 should be used as Winthrop only observes one shift so using it will cause processing errors.
    • Terminations - notify HR immediately when an employee ceases employment on any date prior to the anticipated completion date of their assignment.

Last Updated: 8/11/23