Student Employment

Hiring departments will access the Applicant Tracking System using network login credentials on this page (the link can also be found on the Home tab of Wingspan in the Employee Tools section):  
Applicant Tracking System

Initial steps to take:

  • Ensure that you can login to the system (more details)
  • Verify that you have the role needed for your position (supervisor, coordinator, budget, department head)
  • Review Position Templates for accuracy

Hiring Coordinators:

  • Login
  • In the upper right corner, select STUDENT HIRING COORDINATOR from the "User Group" drop down list
  • In the upper left corner, ensure that you are in the Applicant Tracking System module, select three dots to change if needed
  • From the blue menu bar, select "Postings"
  • To post a position...
    • Select STUDENT. Click orange button "Create New Posting" then select "Create from Posting Template".
    • You will then see a list of all currently approved positions in the area you have access to
    • Select the template for the position to post
    • Make specific changes as needed: number of vacancies, pay rate, student's supervisor, hours per week
    • Select specific Hiring Supervisor from list NEW
      Updates to Posting - Supervisor Selection
    • Select open/close dates for vacancy
    • Add Supplemental Questions as needed
    • Identify forms or required documents for applicants (i.e. resume, cover letter, work study approval email)
    • Post the position (internal or on website) If GA or Work Study send for approval prior to posting.
  • To complete the hiring process (based on Hiring Proposal initiated by the Hiring Supervisor)...
    • Select Hiring Proposals then Student from the blue bar
    • Select Applicant's name to open their Hiring Proposal.
    • Verify all data is completed in the following sections: Applicant, Position Info, Pay
    • In the Admin section, complete only the "I9/eVerify Status" field.  Use the Online I9 Inquiry System to determine the correct response.
    • Save changes and go to the Summary tab to Take Action and send to the next approval level (Dept Head or Dept Head-grad pgms)
  • The Department head level will approve next and then forward to the appropriate budget approval group (Grad School, Work Study, or Divisional Budget person). After primary budget area approves the Hiring Proposal it then goes to University Budget and then HR for final approval. Once HR approves, the student will see "hired" in the status of their application on the Applicant Portal and the Hiring Supervisor and Coordinator will also be able to see the status of "hired" within the Applicants tab of the Posting.

Hiring Supervisors:

  • Login
  • In the upper right corner, select STUDENT HIRING SUPERVISOR from the "User Group" drop down list
  • In the upper left corner, ensure that you are in the HIRE module, select three dots to change if needed
  • From the blue menu bar, select "Postings"
  • To review applicants and recommend students to hire...
    • Select STUDENT.  You will then see a list of all  posted positions in the area that you have access to.  You will see a column in the list that specifies the number of active applicants to be reviewed.
    • Select the position you wish to review applicants for. 
    • Go to the Applicants tab, select each person within the Applicant list, review their information, (if work-study, ensure the authorization document is attached and shows eligibility) then choose the orange button to Take Action On Job Application.  From the list select one option:
      • Move to Interview
      • Move to Recommend for Hire (you can begin the Hiring Proposal immediately after this step, from the same page, or when you know the student has accepted the position)
      • Move to Not Selected
  • To hire applicants...
    • Within the Applicant list for the Posting (if the HP was not started above during "recommend for hire" step)
    • Select/open the applicant with the status "Recommend for Hire"
    • Select option to "Start ATS Hiring Proposal" after the student has accepted the offer.
      **If you receive the message "The Applicant already has a Hiring Proposal" then the HP will remain in draft status until the student's other assignment is processed completely.  Please email and we will be able to override this for you.  Be sure to supply the student's full name and Posting Number or Job title in the request.  We will then start the proposal and send it to the Hiring Supervisor.  Some fields are mandatory, so ensure that all pay/position entries are accurate.
    • Supply relevant details for this applicant
      • Position tab
        • Position Title
        • Student Level (graduate or undergraduate)
        • Supervisor Name
      • Pay Information tab
        • Wage Type (hourly/salary)
        • Pay Rate
        • Hours Per Week
        • Actual Start Date
        • Actual End Date
    • Take Action and move to Student Hiring Coordinator

Hiring Department Heads/Division Budget Approval:

  • Login
  • In the upper right corner, select STUDENT DEPARTMENT HEAD or STUDENT DIVISION BUDGET from the "User Group" drop down list
  • In the upper left corner, ensure that you are in the Applicant Tracking System module, select three dots to change if needed
  • On the blue bar, select HIRING PROPOSALS then STUDENT
  • The default search ["Student HP - Pending SDH" or "Student HP - Pending SDB"] should show up, if you don't see it, select the blue button labeled Saved Searches and select it there.  You can also review all hiring proposals in your area by selecting the saved search with the title Student HP - All.
  • To approve a hiring proposal, select the link for the student's Last Name, review details, then select the orange "Take Action on Hiring Proposal" button, and move to the next stage of the approval path.  From Student Department Head, it would either go to Student Division Budget or Student Work Study.  From Student Divsion Budget, it will go to Student Budget or Student Budget Grants.  If changes are made, advance to the Summary tab in order to access the orange Take Action button.


  • To END an assignment early, send an email with the relevant details to
  • To REVISE an assignment, (pay rate, extend end date, etc.) send an email with the relevant details to copy your Student Division Budget person.
  • Work-Study and Non-Work-Study with same Position Description need to have two separate posting templates.  The approval path and funding are different for these.  Posting can be done for both simultaneously and hired from either. 
  • If a student runs out of work-study funds they can apply to an internal posting for the non-work-study posting as budget approval will be required to place them in a department funded position.
  • 8/15-Email sent to all students regarding the applicant portal and the student employment process.
  • To extend a posting, edit the posting in Postings - Student, modify the Close Date and then Take Action to publish changes to the Applicant Portal.


Updates Made since 6/19 training sessions:

  • Added CWID to the applicants User Profile that will auto-populate to applications they complete
  • Added EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES link for students to Wingspan, home tab, Student Tools section
  • Hiring Proposal - added tabbed sections for each area to clearly see what area should be entered
  • Gave the Student Hiring Supervsor the option to Start The ATS Hiring Proposal.  This person would know the relevant details for the applicant to be hired, i.e. pay rate, start/end dates, etc.  It can also still be initiated by the Hiring Coordinator.
  • Added a note field in the Applicant workflow to allow supervisors to make notes when moving candidates to INTERVIEW or RECOMMEND FOR HIRE, entry is not required
  • Added Document type of CLASS SCHEDULE for applicants to upload, if required by the Posting
  • Hiring Coordinators and Hiring Supervisors will be able to attach documents to an application as well. the applicant will not be able to see these, i.e. Reference letters
  • Multiple Hiring Proposals can now be processed at the same time, contact HR with details (name and posting #) for the override.
  • Student Hiring Coordinators are now able to re-open, close, and extend postings
  • People Admin changed the module name from "HIRE" to "Applicant Tracking System"
  • 10/21/19-Specific Student Hiring Supervisor can now be selected when Posting an assignment, this option will prevent other hiring supervisors in the department from seeing the posting and applicants
  • 11/7/19-Automated email will be sent to the student when their hiring proposal has been approved.NEW