Winthrop University: Human Resources - Employee Performance Review - Planning Document Instructions


Step-by-Step Instructions to Create a Planning Stage Document

Once in the EPMS Tab under Employee Detail in Wingspan

  • Highlight Employee's name
  • Expand Employee Line by clicking on triangle.  To the right will be any saved evaluations or prior planning documents.
  • Click on PDF button to open Position Description (if not available see email message for instructions).  Keep Position Description open to allow review when completing form.
  • The Green plus button will allow you to add the Planning Document.
  • Select Type: Planning Stage Document or Short Year Planning Stage— Add "From Date" (date of hiring or reassignment) and "To Date" (End of review period) in boxes and then select "Create."
  • Use pencil icon to edit/create text in the new document.

Save the text in the Planning Stage document often.  After a period of inactivity the system will log you out and the unsaved text will be lost.

There is a copy option that allows copying of text from prior EPMS documents in that employee's profile.

Be sure to finalize the document when complete so it will be saved and available in the future.

For more detailed instructions — see PowerPoint Training Presentation or Tips and Tricks under the detailed explanation of the EPMS process on the Winthrop HR website.

Full details of the Employee Performance Management System (EPMS) Policy and Procedures are available on the Employee Policy web page.

Last Updated: 8/11/23