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Honors Thesis Abstracts - Fall 2012 - Winthrop Students' Research

Instrument Development in Atomic Emission Spectroscopy

Presented at the Southern Regional Honors Conference 2011 and 2012, and the Big South Undergraduate Research Symposium, Winthrop University, April, 2012

Student: Jamaal Cox, Chemistry - Fall 2012

Honors Thesis Committee: Cliff Calloway, Ph.D.; T. Christian Grattan, Ph.D.; and Cliff Harris, Ph.D.

CAS – Department of Chemistry, Geology and Physics

An atomic emission spectrometer with aluminum atomization and tungsten coil emission light source is described. The light source is prepared by pipetting 20 μL of a slightly concentrated metal solution onto a tungsten coil. Experimental parameters have been optimized for five test elements to give limits of detection obtained with this system that are in most cases as good as those obtained through traditional inductively coupled plasma source. This system offers an inexpensive emission source with the ability to determine most metals.

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CAS = College of Arts & Sciences

CBA = College of Business Administration

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CVPA = College of Visual & Performing Arts

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