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Well Woman Exam Class

  • A class to educate young women in the areas of health maintenance
  • Classes are taught by healthcare professionals or Nationally Certified Peer Health Educators (Student Wellness Advocacy Team Members)
  • Learn more about choosing a contraceptive method
  • Open to all women
  • Opportunity for interaction and discussion
  • Relaxed, informal atmosphere
  • Required for women who have never had a pelvic exam and are requesting an annual exam including pap smear
  • Topics:
    • Self breast exam
    • Sexual assault awareness and resources
    • The gynecological exam, its necessity, and how the exam is done
    • The responsibilities and consequences of sexual activity, birth control, and sexually transmitted infections

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        Well Woman Exam Class for Fall 2021 Semester

December  TBD  



To learn more, visit our Youtube video and view our educational video: Winthrop Health and Counseling Services Well Woman Exam

Last Updated: 11/23/21