Winthrop University: Scheduling an Appointment

Office of Accessibility

Scheduling an Appointment

Students with disabilities needing accommodations are responsible for identifying themselves to the Office of Accessibility (OA). Call 803/323-3290 (V/TDD) or stop by 307 Bancroft Hall to schedule an appointment with OA professional staff.

During your visit, you and OA professional staff will review your disability documentation and discuss the types of accommodations and services that may be needed. Because services are provided on a semester-by-semester basis, you must meet with OA professional staff at the beginning of each semester to arrange needed accommodations.

Disability Documentation

Students are responsible for providing current, appropriate documentation of their disability from a qualified health services provider (i.e., physician, licensed psychologist, etc.). High School IEPs and 504 Plans alone are not sufficient documentation of a disability at the college level, although they can be helpful. Students should understand that while medical or educational documentation can establish a diagnosis, not every diagnosis rises to the level of being a disability under the law. Documentation is essential in determining the current impact of the disability on a student's performance, and so it is important that disability documentation meet certain guidelines. What does that mean? While OA may require additional information to further define needed accommodations, documentation should:

  • Address the current functional limitations (i.e. the current impact of the disability on the student) and prognosis of the condition
  • Be current — what is considered current will vary with disability, but some helpful guidelines are: within the last 3 years for learning disabilities, the last 3 years for ADHD, and the last year for psychiatric disabilities
  • Be typed or printed on official letterhead, dated, and signed by an evaluator qualified to make the diagnosis
  • Include a clear diagnostic statement
  • Include a description of the methodology used and test scores that support the diagnosis
  • Include specific recommendations for accommodations that are related to the functional limitations

Prior written consent by the student is required before OA staff may release disability documentation or records.  For further information, please visit confidentiality and use of records.

Please contact the Office of Accessibility if you have questions about your disability documentation at 803/323-3290.

Last Updated: 3/10/20