Office of Victims Assistance

Office of Victims Assistance

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Reporting Options

It is common to have questions about the reporting process. The OVA Coordinator can discuss reporting options and what to expect in each process. OVA believes that the decision to report should be the choice of the student, and OVA will support the student in whatever choice they decide is best for them.  Below is some basic information on reporting at each level: to the OVA coordinator, to the Dean of Students or Human Resources, or to Law Enforcement (Campus Police).  Finally, read about your option to Report Online.


COVID Update:

Office of Victim Assistance has changed to an appointment based schedule, as a measure of precaution to reduce the risk of spread or exposure to COVID-19.  All appointments will be virtual.  Exceptions will be made to accompany students during Campus Police investigations. WALK-INs will not be permitted into the Crawford Building. 

To schedule an appointment with our advocate, students may contact us via phone at 803-280-9467 or via email at  


Reporting to the OVA Coordinator

If you report to the OVA Coordinator in person, she can assist you in completing the report form, anonymously if preferred.  Your report can be anonymous, and you can still receive servies of the OVA.

Victim Service Coordinator

104 Crawford Building

Phone: 323-2206 or 803-280-9467

This form describes the choices available to the student upon meeting with the OVA Coordinator.


Reporting to the Dean of Students or Human Resources

If comfortable doing so, a student who has been victimized by a member of the university community (students, faculty, or staff) may immediately report through one of the avenues described below:


Violations of the Student Conduct Code by a Student

Dean of Students

246 DiGiorgio Campus Center

Phone: 323-4503

This form describes the process of reporting to the Dean of Students Office


Violations Committed by Faculty or Staff

Employee Relations Manager

303 Tillman Hall

Phone: 323-2273

All students who report to the University will be contacted by our Victim Services Coordinator for support.


Law Enforcement Reporting

Students may report crimes to campus or local law enforcement agencies. Please note that this is not a confidential resource and records of investigation are public.

Campus Police
Good Building
526 Myrtle Drive

This form describes the process of reporting to Winthrop University Campus Police.


Reporting Online

You can report any form of Sexual Misconduct online, from a computer, tablet, or mobile device, using Winthrop’s Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form.  Notes about Online Reporting:

  • You may complete the form anonymously
  • The form will be routed to the Victims Assistance Coordinator, the Director for Health and Counseling, the Title IX Coordinator, the Deputy Title IX Coordinator, and the Vice President for Student Life.
  • Itali Jackson, the Victim Assistance Coordinator will follow up on all online reports (unless it's anonymous).
  • Reporting here does NOT equal pressing charges through law enforcement.

Report Sexual Misconduct Button

Last Updated: 9/16/20