OA Student Rights and Responsibilities

OA Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights

As a student with a disability, you have the right to:

  • Appeal decisions regarding accommodation and services

  • Equal access to facilities, programs, and activities offered through the University

  • Expect all disability-related information will be handled confidentially

  • Receive appropriate and reasonable accommodations/services for documented disabilities

Student Responsibilities

As a student with a disability, you have the responsibility to:

  • Actively participate in the accommodation process by maintaining contact with OA professional staff. Active participation includes using accommodations as defined, working with your professors and the Test Center staff to arrange for test-taking accommodations when appropriate, and notifying OA professional staff of any changes in your diagnosis or accommodation needs as they arise

  • Notify professors that the accommodation letter is in their email (preferably during office hours). Request the professor's signature on the OA Signature Form, and return it to OA within two weeks of intake appointment (deliver in person, via scan, or take a picture and send to accessibility@winthrop.edu )

  • Maintain the same expected academic level as students without disabilities, attend class, and provide timely notification of specific needs

  • Meet and maintain the essential academic standards set forth by the University and adhere to the Student Conduct Code

  • Meet with OA staff for an intake appointment in a timely manner to review documentation and discuss appropriate, reasonable accommodations

  • Meet with OA staff, as needed,to discuss progress and any problems that may arise throughout the semester

  • Notify the OA staff of any difficulties in securing needed accommodations as soon as the difficulty arises

  • Notify the OA staff of your disability-related accommodation needs in a timely manner

  • Provide appropriate documentation of your disability and accommodation needs prior to receiving request

  • Uphold personal responsibility associated with engagement of accommodations, such as relevant communication

  • Student is responsible for authorizing OA to send accommodation letters each semester or if any adjustments are requested for accommodations

  • Contact OA for any other questions/concerns

Last Updated: 9/27/19