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Counseling Services

Meet the Counseling Staff


Dr. Gretchen Baldwin

Gretchen Baldwin, Psy.D.

Clinical Coordinator for Counseling Services, Licensed Psychologist

I am a proud Winthrop Eagle (Class of 2000), and I earned my Psy.D. from the Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology.  I am licensed as a Psychologist in South Carolina.  I love working in Counseling Services, because it is a unique opportunity to work with college students of many ages and many walks of life.  I love to hear people's stories and share in their journey.  It's amazing to walk through the counseling process with clients as they move from a place of pain to a place of thriving and satisfaction with life.  In my practice, I primarily use dynamic, interpersonal, and object relations ideas to understand a client's development and cognitive behavioral strategies to work toward change.  My practice is also heavily influenced by Mindfulness and Acceptance strategies.  Professionally, I am very interested in how Mindfulness and Acceptance strategies aid in management of strong emotions.


Beverly Holbrook

Beverly Holbrook, LISW-CP, VSP

Staff Counselor for the Office of Victims Assistance

I earned my BA in Social Work and Master of Social Work at Winthrop University.  College-age clients are just beginning their journey to independence and maturity.  Counseling is a perfect opportunity to walk along side of them and allow them an opportunity to learn who they are and who they want to be while also figuring out healthy ways of dealing with life and the struggles they face.  My clients always amaze me as I watch them develop healthy coping skills, come to terms with their own identity and explore personal issues that facilitate their growth and development.  In counseling, I specifically use family systems theory as a foundation to understand how a client sees life, manages themselves, and copes with difficulties.  Many of my clients have been harmed either as children, as adolescents and/or as young adults.  I count it a privilege to hear their stories and to help them make meaning of their losses.  I especially enjoy watching these clients move from being a victim of a crime to a victor over their difficulties and to see them begin to advocate for others who have been mistreated, demand that their voices be heard, and move into a healthier lifestyle where they learn how to care for themselves first!  I enjoy learning!  I want to stay up to date on new methods and new ideas that help clients deal with trauma, loss and grief.  The more I know, the more able I am to assist clients in their quest for emotional health.


Jess Hudgens, MA, NCC, LPC-I

Staff Counselor and Outreach Coordinator


Amy Kulbok,MACC, LPC-I

Victim Services Counselor


Dr. Kwabena Sankofa

Kwabena Sankofa, MS, EdS, PhD

Training Coordinator, Staff Counselor

My love for counseling is manifold.  I enjoy helping students to confront and overcome their disabling academic and emotional life challenges thus enabling them to graduate with their self-created inclinations to fulfill their professional and life's goals.  I relish the special expression on students' faces when they achieve an in-the-moment enlightenment and complete self-awareness of the problems that have long undermined their emotional health — "I finally got it."  I just love it when my clients are about to graduate or have graduated and communicate their appreciation for the help their therapy sessions have provided them.  In counseling, I use Analytical, Narrative & Person-Centered Therapies.  I find it particularly enriching designing mental health-related intervention programs and working on policy development.  I recently discovered that training and supervision at times rival individual therapy as one of my top five professional interests. 


Jackie Concodora2

Jackie Concodora, LPC

Director of Health and Counseling Services




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