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Counseling Services


Tamara Jacobs, M.Ed., NCC

What impact did the Counseling Services Internship Program have on your pursuit of your professional goals?

I personally loved interning at Winthrop's Counseling Services. I was able to take everything I learned in the classroom and apply it, which helped me grow as a counselor.  I was definitely challenged at this internship with different presenting diagnoses I had never come in contact with before, doing emergency triage sessions, and learning Trauma Therapy.  I must say moving through these challenges successfully gave me the confidence to counsel without direct supervision.  What helped me a lot was the mentorship I received from each counselor in Counseling Services.  I remember constantly learning different techniques and skills from each counselor I still use now.  I use to refer to myself as a sponge, because I would try to soak up all the knowledge I could.  I even borrowed books from my supervisors.  I actually found a theoretical approach in one of those borrowed books, that I choose to embrace during my internship and after, psychoanalytic theory. I also found that a specialty that I never thought would interest me has now been a theme of the trainings I attend, Trauma Counseling. I think this internship helped shape me as a counselor and instilled in me the true passion I have for helping individuals along their journeys.

Where are you now?

I currently work at the Department of Mental Health in Columbia, S.C. working towards becoming a fully licensed professional counselor.

Where do you go from here?

Honestly, I am contemplating getting my doctoral degree in counseling education. I have a strong desire to learn. So apart from working to obtain a LPC, I will soon be applying for a doctoral program at USC.

Last Updated: 9/8/20