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Information for Students

All Winthrop University students are responsible for meeting the qualifications set forth by the University for its courses, programs, services, and activities. Students with disabilities are responsible for their own academic achievements and for meeting and maintaining the essential academic standards of the University. Each student must be responsible for class attendance, assignments, and all other course materials.

Students Seeking Accommodation can visit this page for details on how to receive accommodations from OA, including classroom, testing, emotional support animals, and meal plan accommodations.

Students Approved for Accommodations can visit this page for information on requesting Letters of Accommodation (LOAs) and Scheduling Accommodated exams and quizzes.

Student Rights and Responsibilities



OA Accommodations Request Form (form used to register for accommodations with OA)

Disability Verification Form (PDF- 313KB) (have your doctor/provider complete this form for registration with OA) Note: Do not use this form for requests for Emotional Support Animals, Housing, nor Meal Plan Accommodations. You must contact OA for forms specific to these requests.

Letter of Accommodation Request Form (form used by Registered Students ONLY)(Use to request Letters of Accommodation)

Test Scheduling Form (form used by Registered Students ONLY)(Used to schedule exams/quizzes at the OA Test Center) 

Disability Resources

Last Updated: 3/10/20