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Health and Counseling Services

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HCS Medicat Patient Portal

Save time by filling out pre-visit forms, completing immunization compliance requirements, accessing your immunization information, receipts, and self-care information.

Health Services Updates

Commonly Asked Questions:

Obtaining Health Insurance:

Affordable Health Care Act - If you are not currently covered by a health insurance policy and you live in South Carolina, visit

Immunization Non-Compliance Fee:

ALL on-campus students must satisfy all immunization requirements by the first day of classes to avoid a non-refundable $50.00 Non-Compliance Fee.  
"Online-only" students who choose to come to Health and Counseling Services for in-person services must meet eligibility which includes complying with the immunization requirement prior to coming in."

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Counseling Services Updates

Emotional Support Animals Statement

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Wellness Services Updates

SC Teen Pregnancy Check out the sites below for additional resources on sexual responsibility and teen pregnancy. (Warning: this educational material is sexually explicit)
Planned Parenthood



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Last Updated: 11/18/19