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** Stay Tuned for More Groups Coming in Fall 2019**


Initiate, Don't Procrastinate

Do you procrastinate when it comes to important deadlines and assignments? What about other areas of life? Learn strategies to help you prioritize, motivate yourself and overcome procrastination.  This workshop is for students who have a stalled thesis, incompletes, or are simply not performing up to their potential due to procrastination and poor time management. The workshop acts as a community of support and accountability.  Members will have the opportunity to learn to break free from the negative patterns that may be keeping them from accomplishing their personal and professional goals. If interested, please contact Dr. Kwabena Sankofa for a brief pre-group information session.

Contact: Kwabena Sankofa


Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties

A women's empowerment and advocacy group especially created to help women find their voices after experiencing the trauma of gender violence. 

Contact: Beverly Holbrook

 Sand Tray

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