Winthrop University: Frequently Asked Questions

Office of Accessibility

Frequently Asked Questions

Should students with disabilities visit the campus before they make decisions?

Yes, if at all possible, particularly if a physical disability is present and you are concerned about accessibility. Take a tour. Meet with the admissions office. Meet with the Program Director of Services for the Office of Accessibility (OA). If it is not possible to visit, call and ask questions. Plan ahead.

Is there a fee for services?

No fee is charged for the services offered through Winthrop University's Office of Accessibility.

Are there separate offices for different disabilities at Winthrop?

No. All disabilities - physical, learning, psychological (e.g. Attention Deficit Disorder), chronic medical, etc. - are served by OA.

If students register for disability services, will their transcripts reveal any disability information so that future employers might have access to it?

No. All student documentation regarding a disability is confidential. It would not be released to campus Records and Registration or to a potential employer without signed student consent.

Should students assume their high school automatically forwards their disability documentation to their college?

No. Students should ask their high school disabilities coordinator what procedures the high school follows in order to have documentation of a disability sent to a college or university. Students should follow-up with OA to ensure that their documentation arrived. Please note: A 504 Plan or an IEP alone is not appropriate documentation at the college level.

What if I need accommodations for Winthrop's campus housing?

Students needing housing accommodations must notify Residence Life of their disability needs by requesting accommodations on their housing application. The Accommodations Request Form must be completed and submitted to OA by the appropriate deadline. Requests for housing accommodations must be submitted by May 15th for the fall semester and December 1st for the spring semester. Requests for accommodations received after the deadline will be considered on the basis of availability.

Even with genuine and documented needs, there are limits to reasonable accommodations. All Residence Life applications and fees must be submitted to Residence Life by the appropriate deadlines. Contact OA if you need additional information about documentation and accommodations.

Last Updated: 3/10/20