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Office of Accessibility

Disability Documentation

Students are responsible for providing current and relevant disability documentation. Documentation that effectively demonstrates a student's disability and need for particular accommodations will take a variety of forms.

Documentation includes:

  • Student's self-report:
    • The student is a critical source of information regarding his or her disability. A student interested in requesting accommodations must schedule an Intake Interview with OA professional staff to discuss his or her disability, including the impact of the disability, his or her experience with accommodations (effectiveness, etc.), the current need for particular accommodations, and any student questions.
  • Additional relevant medical and educational sources:
    • Documentation from additional sources helps to substantiate disability and accommodation needs. Relevant documentation may include educational records, medical records, and/or reports and assessments created by health care providers, school psychologists, teachers, or the educational system. IEPs and 504 Plans that reflect the student's educational and accommodation history are also helpful.
    • Documentation will vary in its relevance and value, depending on the original context, the credentials of the evaluator, and the level of detail and comprehensiveness provided.

What does "current" mean?

  • What is considered current can vary by disability. Many disabilities are stable, lifelong conditions, and thus current may not mean 'recent.' Some disabilities, however, will vary over time with changes in environment, in treatment, and/or medications. The goal of documentation is to illustrate a connection between the current impact of the disability and the requested accommodations.
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