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Counseling Services

Faculty/Staff Resource for Referrals

This document contains suggestions for Winthrop University faculty and staff about making referrals to Health and Counseling Services.   Health and Counseling Services is located in Crawford and can be contacted at ext. 2206. Given the increasingly complex needs and concerns from students, you may benefit from a quick reference of where to call when you see that a student appears to be in crisis or needing immediate support.  However, every situation is different, and you will want to use your own judgment about how best to help each student.  In the event you are unsure about the best way to proceed, or even whether to proceed, staff in Health and in Counseling Services will be glad to discuss the situation with you. 

When you believe a student needs professional help, you might begin an active referral by taking the following steps:

  1. Let the student know you have heard his or her problem by repeating it as you understand it.
  2. Complete the referral process as calmly and as supportively as possible.
  3. Let the student know that Health and Counseling Services is staffed by professionals who can help the student deal with problems.   Do not tell the student to see a particular person, as that person may not be available. 
  4. Assure the student that any information received by staff in Health & Counseling Services is confidential and Winthrop University faculty, staff, administration and parents will not have access to the information without the student’s consent.
  5. Explain that there is no additional charge to see a counselor in Counseling Services, and Health Service assistance is either free or relatively inexpensive. Counseling Services offers same-day appointments M-F on a first come first served basis for students who are unable to wait for an intake appointment. Counseling Services can also assist with referrals to the Winthrop Counselor Education Department’s Community Clinic or to off-campus mental health providers such as Catawba Community Mental Health Services or Saluda Center.  If alcohol or other drugs are a part of the problem, a referral to Keystone can be provided.
  6. Encourage the student to make an appointment, make the call yourself while the student is in your office, or suggest the student make the call from your office.  If you are willing and the student wants, arrange to meet the student and walk to the appointment together. 

If you believe that a student could be at risk for hurting his/herself or others, contact Counseling Services for help in deciding how to proceed.   If you believe the student is in immediate danger or is an immediate danger to others, please call Campus Police at ext. 3333.   Consulting with the Dean of Students may also be of assistance in determining the next step and in identifying resources and implementing appropriate procedures.

Staff in Counseling & Health Services cannot legally or ethically give you any information about whether a student has become a client/patient unless the student signs a Consent to Release Information.   You may arrange a follow-up meeting with the student to learn whether the student is still in distress and/or has sought assistance. Please understand that the student may not want to discuss the outcome.

Please let Health and Counseling Services know how we may be of better assistance to you in your work with students.

Important Resources for Students

Dean of Students Office…x4503:  Disciplinary or academic dishonesty consultation and assistance, sexual harassment allegations, general student difficulties, concerned parents.

Counseling Services…x2206:  Counseling for relationship problems, eating disorders, depression and anxiety, study habits, time management, test-taking problems, stress management, etc.

Health Services…x2206:  Provides basic acute medical services, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, allergy injections, birth control information, immunizations, etc.

Wellness Program…x2206:  Assists students with making informed life choices for a healthy lifestyle. Supervises Student Wellness Advocacy Team (SWAT). Call to schedule programs on various health related topics.

Office of Disability Services…x3290: Provides reasonable classroom, residence hall, and campus accommodations for students with documented disabilities.

Testing Center…x2206:  Provides secure, confidential test administration for credit-by-examination and graduate school entrance examinations as well as assist students approved for test accommodations.

Victims Assistance…x2206: Offers extensive support to students who experience sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. Also provides campus educational programming to prevent such crimes.

Career and Civic Engagement…x2141:   Provides students with a comprehensive approach to career preparation, personal growth, and service to the community with experiential learning as a key component.

Residence Life…x2223:  Dedicated to supporting and encouraging the personal development and academic success of each student living on campus. Contact for roommate and on-campus living concerns.

Student Activities…x2248:  Engaging students in campus life and activities, leadership initiatives.

Campus Police…x3333:  Provides emergency assistance, safety training, victim advocacy, crime investigation, parking permits, etc.

Vice President for Student Life…x2251:  For other matters not covered above.

Financial Aid…x2189:  Financial concerns and needs, emergency loans.

Resource Center for Adult Students…x4784:  Answers questions, provides guidance and support, and offers a wide variety of programs designed to meet the needs of post-traditional, veteran, or transfer students.

Academic Success Center…x3929:  Offers a wealth of academic services including intensive advising, tutoring, academic skill development, development of academic action plans, and success contracts.

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