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Counseling Services


Personal Accountability Workshop: Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination affects millions of people and almost always has negative effects on productivity and sense of wellbeing.  Procrastination is defined as delaying required or desired tasks by choosing other activities.

Join Counseling Services Accountability Group and learn about: The reasons we procrastinate, Why it is important to overcome procrastination, The paralyzing and disrupting effects of procrastination, and How to confront and change one’s own tendencies toward procrastination thus becoming actively engaged in academic productivity, success, and enriching social presence

Contact: Dr. Kwabena Sankofa

Making Friends with Feelings: a DBT Skills Group

Emotions can be tough – overwhelming, even – and we aren’t born knowing how to handle them. Over 7 weeks, students will learn skills to help regulate emotional highs and lows to make them more tolerable, as well as how to prevent emotions from taking over in moments of distress. Time will be spent addressing each of four traditional DBT models: Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance, and Interpersonal Effectiveness. (7 weeks; registration required.)

Contact: Jessica Hudgens


Veterans Support Group

A group for Veterans, Reservists, and Active Duty students.  Come unload the stress of daily life as a non-traditional college student. The focus of each session is up to the Veterans in attendance; we will discuss the topics you are interested in discussing that day.

Contact: Ashley Eason


Traveling Panties

A women’s empowerment and advocacy group especially created to help women find their voices after experiencing the trauma of gender violence. 

Contact: Beverly Holbrook


The Voice

The Voice is centered around empowering and providing African American students a space to address present and past issues.  The group is open to any student, although its main target is African American students.  This semester we will journey through dispelling the myth of Black Strength and moving towards Black Resilience as we address issues such as, making connections, navigating crises, code switching and being proudly you in the skin you’re in.

Contact: Courtney Leak


Winthrop College of Resilience: The Magic of Inner Strength

A Harry Potter themed 10-week course on personal resilience that uses themes from the books and films to emphasize various components of inner strength.  The course is structured as a closed psycho-educational group experience. (That means that once we have enough people, those folks stay for the whole group.)  The group will address such topics as building relationships, facing crises, managing change, taking decisive action, improving self-worth, and self-care.  We will also tap into student creativity and visual integration by incorporating poignant crafts into sessions.

Contact: Dr. Gretchen Baldwin

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