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Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination affects millions of people and almost always has negative effects on productivity and sense of wellbeing.  Procrastination is defined as delaying required or desired tasks by choosing other activities.

Sound familiar?

Join Counseling Services Accountability Group and learn about:

-          The reasons we procrastinate

-          Why it is important to overcome procrastination

-          The paralyzing and disrupting effects of procrastination

-          How to confront and change one’s own tendencies toward procrastination thus becoming actively engaged in academic productivity, success, and enriching social presence

The group is led by Staff Counselor, Kwabena Sankofa, Ph.D.

For more information, email: Dr. Kwabena Sankofa or call: 803/323-2206.


LGBTQ Therapy Group

A therapist-led support group focused on building a healthy LGBTQ community at WU!  This group aims to Provide Support, Address Past Traumas, Build Resilience, Create Boundaries, and help you Learn to Love the Amazing Person that You Are. 

For more information (including location and time), email: Courtney Leak or call: 803/323/2206.


Winthrop College of Resilience: The Magic of Inner Strength


A Harry Potter themed 10-week course on personal resilience that uses themes from the books and films to emphasize various components of inner strength.  The course is structured as a closed psycho-educational group experience. (That means that once we have enough people, those folks stay for the whole group.)


We will have two sections of the group to begin early Fall 2016.


Open to all Winthrop students and facilitated by Winthrop counseling staff.


The group will address such topics as building relationships, facing crises, managing change, taking decisive action, improving self-worth, and self-care.  We will also tap into student creativity and visual integration by incorporating poignant crafts into sessions.

For more information (including location and time), email: Courtney Leak or call: 803/323-2206.

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