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Counseling Services



Program Description

Counseling Services offers a training program for doctoral or masters level graduate students enrolled in counseling or clinical psychology.  Interns have the opportunity to provide mental health counseling for individuals, couples, or groups.  They will be engaged in outreach and consultation with the campus community.  Interns can expect to enhance the development of their clinical skills through direct service and intensive individual and group supervision.  Interns are expected to participate in case conferences and training seminars as they arise throughout the year.

For spring 2021, the internship position requires 20-22 hours per week of training experience for a minimum of 300 clock-hours and 120 direct clinical hours over one (1) semester.  Interested trainees must commit the full spring 2021 semester to the training program and be available to engage in a 2-day Intern Orientation and preliminary training prior to the first day of classes. This orientation takes place on the Thursday and Friday prior to the first day of classes for the spring semester.  Eligible applicants should at least be in their second year of training and have completed at least one practicum.  Applicants will have completed at least 150 hours of on-site work, with 60 hours of direct contact with clients (face to face work with clients).

The internship is unpaid.


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