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Counseling Services Groups

These groups are located on campus and are led by Counseling Services staff.


Food for Thought

Facilitators: Jess Hudgens, MA, LPCA and Andi Fisher, Intern

Thursdays at Common Time

A 10-week group for those struggling with eating disorders or disordered eating patterns, this group uses books, videos, blogs, and poetry to help participants gain a better understanding of their relationship to food, the impact on their mental and physical health, and how they can learn to cope without food. Each week, participants will read a brief article or watch a video and come prepared to discuss their thoughts and feelings with the group. Those with more questions about group or interested in joining can contact Jess.

Contact: Jessica Hudgens


Personal Accountability Workshop: Overcoming Procrastination 

Facilitator: Dr. Kwabena Sankofa

Thursdays at Common Time

Procrastination affects millions of people and almost always has negative effects on productivity and sense of wellbeing.  Procrastination is defined as delaying required or desired tasks by choosing other activities.  Join the Counseling Services Accountability Group and learn about:

  • The reasons we procrastinate
  • Why it is important to overcome procrastination
  • The paralyzing and disrupting effects of procrastination
  • How to confront and change one’s own tendencies toward procrastination thus becoming actively engaged in academic productivity, success, and academic discipline.

There will be two five-week structured groups.  Groups will meet Thursdays during common time in 114 Crawford.

  • Workshop 1 runs February 13 – March 12
  • Workshop 2 runs March 26 - April 23

Contact: Kwabena Sankofa


Relationship Goals Workshop Series

Have you ever had a hard time having a tough conversation with your friend? Have you ever wondered if your relationship is really healthy for you? Have you ever struggled to set boundaries with your roommates? Have you ever had trouble navigating relationships in your life?

Join Counseling Services in a series of 4 workshops designed to help you navigate dating, friendships, roommate arrangements, and even family dynamics. Learn skills and strategies for communication, ways to resolve conflicts, how to evaluate the health of a relationship, and tips for online dating.

  • 3/24: Talk It Out - Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • 4/7: Identifying Red & Green Flags - Health Relationships
  • 4/21: The Right Swipe - Online Dating

Each workshop will take place in Bancroft 264, and each is open to all Winthrop students.  Attend one, some, or all; no RSVP is required. Please contact Elizabeth Tate with any questions.


Recommended Groups

These groups take place on campus or in the nearby community.  They are not led by Counseling Services staff, but we recommend them.


Alcoholics Anonymous

Tuesdays 6pm, Crawford 109

This is an Open Discussion meeting that is open to anyone interested in Alcoholics Anonymous' programs of recovery.  (No Smoking, Wheelchair Accessible)

For More Information: 803-230-3067


Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

1st and 3rd Thursdays 7:15-8:45 PM, Presbyterian Student Center 412 Park Ave. Rock Hill, SC 29730

The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) is the leading peer- directed national organization focused on the two most prevalent mental health conditions―depression and bipolar disorder―which affect more than 21 million Americans and account for 90% of the nation’s suicides every year.

DBSA assists millions of people each year with in-person and online peer support; current, readily understandable information about depression and bipolar disorder; and empowering tools focused on an integrated approach to wellness.

It is the leading peer-directed national organization focused on delivering peer-based, wellness-oriented, and empowering support and education for those who experience Depression and Bipolar Disorder. There are over 650 support groups and 250 chapters nationwide, including Rock Hill and Charlotte.

For more information:


Grief Support

Hospice and Community Care is a local agency who offers free group counseling to aid you in processing grief and loss.  See more: Bereavement and Grief Support Services


LGBTQ+ Support Group

"Resilience through Connection" is a support group whose purpose is to promote self-acceptance, improve coping skills, provide a sense of hope, and engage individuals in meaningful relationships with each other in a safe space.  Group facilitator Ashlyn Bordelon is a Counselor in Training through Winthrop's Department of Counseling and Development. For more information, see the Brochure.


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