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Private Sponsors Social Work


Association of Social Work Boards

Research Grant Program

  • Funds a wide range of topics relevant to social work professional regulation, including consumer protection, professional continuing education, social work supervision, complaints against licensees, and related areas


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BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Foundation

Investing in the Health and Well-being of SC Children and Families

  • Support projects that focus on the integration of mental health and adverse childhood experiences
  • Support projects that focus on population health improvement through intentional collaboration across multiple sectors to connect the non-health factors that influence health
  • Research/Special Projects
  • Support projects to inform, influence, and support our Investment Strategies and/or our Mission. These projects may fall outside of an established area of focus, yet would generate value-added information relevant to the health needs of the economically vulnerable population in South Carolina
  • Winthrop University is not eligible for another grant until FY2020


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Deupree Family Foundation

Supports education, social services, animal welfare and the environment


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Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Child Well-Being

  • Fosters the long-term well-being of vulnerable children, families and communities by funding efforts to protect and improve the health and positive development of vulnerable populations including:
    • Low-income families, especially those with children under six years old;
    • Native American or Alaska Native families; and
    • Youth in or transitioning out of foster care.
  • The Child Well-being Program prioritizes funding for projects and programs that:
    • Cultivate partnerships between organizations and systems that serve vulnerable children and families.
    • Coordinate efforts across a variety of social service systems.
    • Implement interventions that meet the needs of vulnerable children and families in their neighborhoods and communities.
    • Increase access to prevention and treatment services.
    • Communicate lessons and outcomes broadly to inform policy and practice.
    • Invest in developing and supporting the next generation of leaders committed to implementing effective programs and policies serving vulnerable children and families.
  • Send Letter of Inquiry to receive invitation to submit full proposal


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Dr. Scholl Foundation

  • Education
  • Social Service
  • Civic and Cultural
  • Environmental


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Fahs-Beck Fund for Research and Experimentation

  • Supports research that contributes to a greater understanding of and solutions for problems affecting individuals, families and communities
  • Faculty/Post-Doctoral Grant Program ($20,000)
    • Areas of interest: studies to develop, refine, evaluate, or disseminate innovative interventions designed to prevent or ameliorate major social, psychological, behavioral or public health problems affecting children, adults, couples, families, or communities, or studies that have the potential for adding significantly to knowledge about such problems
    • Research must focus on the United States or Canada


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Last Updated: 12/20/22