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Private Sponsors Political Science


American Political Science Association

  • Awards grants, fellowships, and scholarships with the aim of advancing education and research in political science
  • Maintains a list of outside organizations that provide important sources of funding for political science faculty


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Association for Social Economics

  • Strives to reward and encourage scholarship in social economics.
  • William R. Waters Grant ($5,000): promotes research in social economics and the social economy. Possible topics include, but are not limited to the role of social values in economic life, economic policy and social wellbeing, social capital, social norms, social networks, human capabilities, workplace policies and social justice, corporate social responsibility, socially responsible investment, microfinance, ethics and economics, poverty, inequality, and policies related to health, education, and welfare.


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Carnegie Corporation of New York

  • Field Building
  • Strategic Communications
  • Policy Development
  • Nonpartisan Civic Engagement
  • Must submit Letter of Inquiry for an invitation to submit a full application


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Centennial Center for Political Science and Public Affairs

Research Grant Program

  • Research, including travel, interviews, access to archives, or costs for a research assistant.
  • Auxiliary devices or services uniquely necessary for scholars with disability to out their research.
  • Assisting scholars in publishing their research, including holding manuscript workshops.
  • Supporting workshops, events, or projects that support or advance the discipline.
  • Each grant fund has a unique set of aims, including supporting international scholarship, electoral scholarship, and scholarship on race and gender.
  • The typical grant for an individual scholar is between $1,000 and $2,500, but awards can reach a maximum size of $10,000 for workshops, events, or projects that more broadly support or advance the discipline.


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Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Civil Society

  • We work to foster engaged, empowered and equitable communities throughout the world
  • Strengthening Civic Space-We strive to promote, protect and reinvigorate the space for civic engagement.
  • Enhancing Community Philanthropy-We support the development of community foundations that foster just, equitable and sustainable societies.
  • Increasing Access to Justice-We promote social equity in communities by increasing access to justice.
  • Special Initiatives-We support unique opportunities to advance the Civil Society mission.
  • Submit Letter of Inquiry


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Coca-Cola Foundation

  • Water: clean water, water conservation, community recycling
  • Women: economic empowerment and entrepreneurship
  • Community well-being: education, youth development, community enrichment


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Dr. Scholl Foundation

  • Education
  • Social Service
  • Civic and Cultural


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Dudley T. Dougherty Foundation

Education, arts, community, environment, healthcare, and peace


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Rita Allen Foundation

Seeds new ideas and approaches in the field of civic engagement, believing that aware, informed and engaged citizens are our greatest assets for solving the most critical problems in our communities


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Education; arts and culture; civic and community outreach; sustainability and the environment; and disaster relief.


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Spencer Foundation

Small Research Grant in Education

  • Field-Initiated
  • The New Civics: focus would deepen understanding of influences on civic action, attend to social inequalities in civic education, and have the potential to shape future research and practice in these fields


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Yip Harburg Foundation

Funds new projects

  • Action-oriented projects with small operating budgets which, due to the controversial, risky or innovative nature of their work, have little access to traditional funding
  • Mass media and theatre projects which educate and inform about serious issues
  • Projects extending over a specific time period, with a focused, concrete goal and clear social impact
  • Social and Economic Justice
  • Educational Opportunity
  • New Works of Political Art
  • Suggest potential applicants first submit a brief e-mail of inquiry


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Last Updated: 1/12/23